Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Reeling off some eight answers

Boneman as asked me to give the answers to eight random questions.
A meme thing to do.

The answers are:



Greater than 130

A dog

About 12

Pinot Noir


Left leg first

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  1. Is there being something that I am not finding? I am thinking that I am not being told the questions that should be found in a frame of time that is previously so to the answers. Would I be being correct in this thinking? I am thinking so.

  2. why you old #4
    I haven't heard such a tricky answer since back in #1.

    of course, if it is #5, I guess openning a bottle of #6 is OK, although it's not like I #7 opened one earlier. And, of course, #2 is #3, but, I usually go with the right instead of #8

    Dare not ask if I'm actually allowed to creatively assume anything here, just, oh well. It was either that or leave a limerick, eh?

  3. Found you via Lee.
    Suspect you might be a tree.
    I love trees.

  4. Well, I'm not going to sleep tonight guessing the questions!

  5. Hey! You won a PEN!


    (don't'cha wish you could use it when yer doin' the net?)

  6. They'd be my answers too, if I knew the questions!

  7. Thanks Boneman! Good thing I won a fountain pen, I've been having the devil of a time finding goose feathers for my quills.

  8. ...oh you are a #4, aren'tcha....
    putting paul martin into google will get ya 108 million entries...

    a lil focusing finally got to 179 entries....

    that ain't the same paul.....

    dang. I know how to get the line and sinker out, but dang! the hook seems lodged on my gullible bone.

  9. lil lamb, these are the eight.

  10. the tag, gal. Remember?....

  11. That a bunch of us did, yeah now I remember.

  12. a wealth of information here about you Cosmo. My!

  13. AHA!
    The blogger grave yard is manned by lazy gravediggers and I clawed my way out!

    End result?
    I got to keep my name, but, Walking on Alligators was lost in the process.
    Oh well, I guess sometimes one has to just grab the bull by the horns, eh?

    (Beep beep!)

  14. A man such of intrigue should always leave one with more questions than answers~
    Well done dear Cosmo ;)

  15. fixed it. No more moderation.

    Kind'a reminds me (the "fixt" part) of when Mary Tyler Moore went on David Letterman that time and mentioned about how her dog was always jumping up on her and humping her legs and such.
    She took the dog to the vet, and he said, "yes, well, we can fix that. We'll just have him neutered..."
    "Oh no!" she exclaimed, "Not that! Could you just trim his nails and do something about his breath?"

  16. On second thoughts, I want to put my right leg in first!

  17. Is it my imagination working overtime? Is that a different picture?

  18. Turpentine induced illusion, I'm afraid. No change to the picture: eight ladies who have just washed their kilts and can't do a fling with it.

  19. Yes,
    I have to be more careful about that. Just yesterday I was painting an elephant dancing with a killdeer. Then I looked up to see them both hop in a car and drive away.

  20. I don't need a good reason to leave a smooch- do I?
    Well- if I do need a reason...
    It's friday!


    oh look- you got some hugs too ;)

  21. hmmm...

    and i thought i had gone a long time between posts.

    wither hast thou wandered to?

  22. Let's see if I can guess Boneman's questions:

    1, How many women have written you fan mail since last year's poetry duel?

    2. What's the double of answer one for people who don't know math, but think they do?

    3. What's the double of answer one for people who don't know math, and have no pretensions that they do?

    4. Who's your best friend?

    5. How many stanzas are there in your latest poem?

    6. What do birds drink?

    7. When do you drink something other than wine?

    8. How does a real lady take off her blue jeans?

  23. Um...a commendable effort but, alas, only really close on #8.


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