Wednesday, October 09, 2013

622 : The Nest

Artist - Lucy Newton

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #129) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

chance, nest, secret, clever, swept, ripe, 
blinked, stars, basket, flesh, saw, hand

The Nest

It was a chance meeting,
All first meetings are.
She saw him before he saw her,
Saw him walking alone 
Along the unswept, 
Flower-edged country path
That skirted the copse.

The copse where the first berries appeared,
Where small and noisy children
With sticky hands and wicker baskets
Fossicked for the plump flesh of ripe fruit.
She saw them as they reached past her
But they didn’t see her.
Anxiety fluttered her breast
But people, no matter how clever,
Don’t see what they are not looking for.
That’s why they no longer see the stars.

The man was different.
He walked as if it was all that he had to do,
As if it was the most important thing in the world,
As if, at that moment, it was his world.

He saw her, of course.
Their eyes met.
And, as if sharing a secret of the universe,
Locked together for a moment,
Acknowledged each other,
And moved on.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Beautiful. Open eyes and an open mind play dividends. But... children picking berries in gloves? No children I ever knew, or ever was.

    1. Fair call - was going for the rhythm. Changed it to 'sticky'.

  2. Whew! Beautifully written story within a poem. I love the accompanying bird.

  3. Cos, "that's why people no longer see stars" sort of broke my heart a little, because it's true in many cases. That moment when their eyes met, I was sure it was headed in the more obvious direction, but the "stars" commentary seemed to presage this ending. I loved this poem. Amy

  4. most people dont see what they are not looking for...
    lots of truth in that one...

  5. Have done a lot of birdwatching in the past this is really so apt as you know the birds see you and you must show them that they are in no danger as you become part of the landscape.

  6. Have you considered having your poetry published, Cosmo? No doubt you have; if not you should give it serious consideration.

    1. I haven't really. Not against the idea, just not sure how to advance it.

  7. But people, no matter how clever,
    Don’t see what they are not looking for.

    ... how true your words are. A wonderful capture!

  8. Beautiful poem. And that shared look that knows all:)

  9. Nice - I understand that feeling, chance meeting, all too well. Maybe you'd enjoy a similar story - there are four parts - this link is to part one, the other follow on subsequent days. Nice work! Jay Blue -

  10. little bits of sharp in here, JCN

  11. How much beauty and wonder we miss when mostly in a hurry and so self-centered.
    Thank you for the reminder, JCosmo.

  12. This is beautiful! Thank you :)
    Lots of people no longer see the stars because they view the world through a 2 x 4 screen and are oblivious to much that goes on around them.

  13. Love what you captured here

  14. Sharing a secret of the universe is worth hanging around a little longer:)

  15. Beautifully written! Great reminder to look up to see the stars and everything else all around!

  16. I really feel like the bird in this poem!


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