Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CXXXXI - Comfort Food

One Minute Writer had a topic called "Comfort Food"
True, it was back in October last year.
I'm a slow writer.

Comfort Food

Good comfort food is a dying art
Full of things that are bad for the heart
Steamed puddings are divine
And fruit pies are fine
But you really can't beat a good tart.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I love tarts, too... but somehow I don't think we mean the same thing ;)

  2. I certainly can.

    A triple-decker steak sandwich made with eggy-bread.


  3. Certainly bad for the heart.

  4. Spring has sprung, you must be feeling fruity. They make some tasty tarts over here.

  5. i tell you what ..
    you can have the lip tart ..
    i'll have the cherry tart ..

  6. Tart tart tart!!
    You boyssss!!!!

  7. I guess we'll assume she's a "good" tart.

  8. Sweet Tart Sweet Tart,
    would you make up your mind?
    Won't you come to bed, my sugar?
    And bring your petite behind?

    And about eating pudding, just one small peep,
    I've learned, but forget, the one simple rule to keep.
    Fruit puddings are very nice
    withe a bit of shaveved ginger and ice.
    But never never never never chocolate before you sleep.

    You'de have thought I would have learned
    the simple rule to avoid heartburn,
    (which is why I'm awake
    with a stomach ache.)
    But the orange slices in the pudding made a very fine turn.

  9. (or should I have taken this to Mr. Kennedy's new postings of recipes?
    I'm not entirely sure if I understand his new postings, please.
    So I'll just wander about
    leaving my gut to growl and shout.
    And after a bit return to my dreaming of pretty gils and the foods they use to tease.)

  10. Naughty naughty! And there I was thinking that you were going to use a word that rhymes with heart but starts with f...

  11. Are we talkin' pasties or pastries?

  12. You are a cheeky little possum. : )

  13. I love tarts...of all types.



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