Thursday, November 13, 2008

XXXIX - Love Sonnet to an Enemy


This week's writing challenge from Mama's Losin' It.

A Love Sonnet to an Enemy

O my foe, we have had our ups and downs,
Our battles, imaginary and real;
We’ve fought at length with tears and grief and frowns
With wounds so deep they’d surely never heal.

But to you I owe a sizable debt,
A most shocking thing to say, I know.
You’ve made me what I am today, and yet
I’m sure that you didn’t intend it so.

As quenching toughens metal, glowing red;
As stones give blades an edge to cut more true;
Your friction toughed me for life ahead
And drove me on to show what I could do.

O dear and lovely foe, hear me when I say:
You’ve done your best, now kindly go away.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. They say the best revenge is to be successful and happy.

    BTW: You seem to have got a second wind lately. Any reason?

  2. i guess you don't need nor want any more toughening?

  3. This piss off theme seems to recur again and again. It's a hard life... Hey, I liked Lee's comment!

  4. I love the way that you rhyme so.
    whether writing to wine or old foe.
    that you stay so true to you,
    and say it in verse, many or few.

    I read it all from bottom to top.
    Up too late, (I couldn't stop).
    Finished with my poetry browsing,
    Still one thing, my mind, is arousing.

    all the praise you heap so witty
    what inspired this little ditty?

  5. "now kindly go away"? What gentlemanly way of saying something rude!!

    How true though - what doesn't break you makes you tougher!

  6. You did a great job with this!

  7. Lee: I tend to respond well to a challenge - you will remember the poetry challenge with Percy, K9 & Boneman some time ago - I seem to need a seed theme to embroider and build on every so often. That's where Mama's Losin' It has come on the scene.

    Sometimes Sophia: Absolutely.

    Stu; It sort of grew. I chose the topic from Mama's list (it was a toss up between the enemy one or the 'I thought I saw...' one. Still may look at that.) and then settled on the idea of a love sonnet. Seemed a nice contrast to the enemy theme.

    Foam, Sam & Tiffany: Thank you.

  8. I am thinking I am seeing why you are being with an enemy if you are presenting them with treatment like you are describing. Is this not being so?

  9. YES! I love this. So true...and the last two lines give it that punch ending. Love love love.

  10. It's so true that nasty things/people make you stronger. I suppose I should be sending out thank you notes - Perhaps an idea for a future blog...


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