Thursday, November 06, 2008

XXXV - A winter's morning in June.

I have been quiet for some time with poetry far down my to-do list. 
I was prompted into action by a post on Diane's blog 
which lead me to Mama's Losin It 
where there was a challenge to write a 16 line poem 
about something life changing from my childhood.


A winter’s morning in June.

Her hair was blonde, her eyes were blue,
Her legs reached past her middle;
I adored her in the way that puppies do:
All enthusiasm and warm piddle.

Her lips were pink, her skin was white,
Complexion cream and peaches;
I’d curl up in my bed at night
Dreaming of her nether reaches.

I was a mess of hormones, dreams,
young lust and cheap cologne.
But the bubble burst, or so it seems,
When she spoke to me alone.

She was as thick as a housing brick
With an IQ of a winter’s morning;
“Piss off’ was all she really said to me,
I was grateful for the warning.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Beautiful photograph j cosmo; I'm sorry she burst your bubble.♥

    It's unfortunate how we sometimes idealise someone and want them so much then when we do get to know them they dont live up to our expectations. ♥

  2. Ah, that is the story of the women in my life!

  3. yes .. i see the poet is indeed back!

    too bad the content within wasn't up to the cover.
    meaning this young lass, not your writing, of course.
    your writing brought a smile to my face.

  4. Ha! That made me laugh out loud, which I sorely needed. Thank you for sharing your teen angst.

    Oh and never mind posting a photo of HER... let's see a photo of YOU back then!

  5. What a wonderful poem.

  6. You made me laugh... You are so droll. It was a pleasure to visit your site. Your poetry is hysterical. I'll be back... I'm adding you to my blog list.

  7. june eh?


    i've been wrestling with sonnets and ryhme schemes of late. my attempts pale in comparison to your work.

    what sort of fish have you caught and what wine will you serve with it? when's the dinner party?

  8. IQ of winter morning... I know some people like that. I think I wrote about them in my prompt :-)

    I was glad to see this prompt, I haven't seen anyone else use it.

  9. Nice!

    Reminded me of "There was a man from nantucket..."

  10. good one! It's all very romantic and nice and then you find out that she's really not all there!

  11. Holy smokes that was awesome...what are you some kind of professional!?! Good stuff!

  12. Great poem, great humor! thanks for sharing it. Love the picture too.

  13. No Mama, I'm no professional.

    Not in poetry at least.

  14. Loved reading this. It made me laugh, and I always appreciate that. If beauty was her only attribute, it's a good thing you got an early warning.....although a little cruel. :)

  15. This is fantastic! Very ambitious of you, going straight for the poem! Thanks for stopping by today. :)

  16. Being negative about life is far different than having annoyances in life. So, I would say being negative having pet peeves are not one in the same =]
    && The pjs only apply when you go out to stores and such.

  17. Oh to be a teen again! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I do hope you come back and visit!

  18. Maybe it's wrong but ... that absolutely cracked me up. Well put!

  19. I understand what you meant by 'sharing the fish' now, you have been fishing, thanks again for your wishes, for stopping by my blog and for offering to share. ♥

  20. Quite clever! And the photo illustrates the poetry perfectly!
    Thanks for stopping by =)

  21. The cereal in the photo --- is that wild oats?

  22. I really enjoy the combination of humor and sadness in your poem. You're a fantastic writer!

  23. You should definitely continue to write more often. Wonderful Poem.

    And I don't get the purpose of ties either but until they change the rules our boys have to wear them here. Which is probably a good thing since I would have one less pet peeve. :)


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