Thursday, November 13, 2008

XL - Six of the best

Well now, Sophia has given me a creative blogger award.
As grateful as I am, it is tricky trying to fit it into my format but here goes.
The easy bit first: a list of my six loves. Or, more correctly, six of my loves.
Keeping to the verse format, of course!

Six of the Best

Of my six loves, the winner by far
Is a well aged bottle of Pinot Noir.

The next love is women, a passion risky;
Mrs Newbery take note, it's friendly not frisky.

On a cold winter's night, when the days are short
Life is much better with a stilton and port.

And while I sit and nibble a piece of my cheese
Some chamber music is certain to please.

With all this food, you'd think me toffey,
But I can't not sing the praises of coffee.

And how else could I end a list so terse
Without mentioning my writing what passes for verse?

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Gosh, I dont pop over to see you for a couple of days and look at all the wonderful poems you have written. :)

    You have been busy, a bard in our midst, a modern day Shakespeare!

    Congratulations on your award, I have enjoyed reading all of your poems. ♥

    I too am guilty of posting some music on my blog, but you do have a choice, either play or dont. :)

  2. congratulations!
    ya .. k9 is talented, but so are you.
    i remember that poetry challenge well..

  3. 1. You deserved it.
    2. Thanks bunches!
    3. Pinot Noir is my favorite. Yum.

  4. "it's friendly not frisky..." Mrs Newbery is a lucky lady. You make me laugh. Thanks for being such a good sport.

  5. your flabber may be gasted,
    and the beetroot may be tinned,
    but your entry, the others, blasted
    so your choices may be penned.

    1992 is a long way past,
    and the tunes are up to date.
    for whom do your ears fast?
    tell now before its too late.

    can I send you some Buckingham,
    or some AC-DC, the latest one?
    Plant and Krauss (bluegrass meets glam?)
    Thanks for playing, it was fun!!

  6. So nice to see the muse has returned.

    Particularly like the brussels sprouts endeavour.

  7. Thanks for the award. While I don't accept such things, the thought is appreciated.

  8. while this is only my first visit...i can tell that you are a very clever gentleman. ;-)

  9. LOVED you comment on my post!!! I have had many requests to finish that story... so keep watching for it!

    congrats on the award!

  10. Fantastic... definitely a challenge to do this post in your standard format, I'm impressed. :)

  11. What is being the point of a woman if she is not being the attention of what you are calling frisky? Is she not then fulfilling the role that an ashtray is fulfilling on a motorcycle if she is being justly an ornament?

  12. oh goodness, j, the comment you left on my blog is funny. ;-) i totally didn't mean it the way you took it though...i thought it was funny b/c of symantics...oh, gosh, maybe it wasn't funny at all the way I thought and everyone's going to think i was talking about the "S" word that most "mommy blogs" never talk about. my o my...what a quandry. he really did just want to cuddle...

    the longer this comment is getting the deeper my hole is getting, right?


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