Thursday, November 13, 2008

XXXVIII - The Squirrel


Hey, I won a prize! Stewart Pidasso runs a caption contest
and my caption for that above photo won.
Well, not quite the above photo, I added the Grrrrr! myself for this post; call it poetic license.
My winning caption was "This aint so bad. You should see the other guy."
This lead to the following limerick:

There was a young squirrel called Nutsy,

Who mixed it with squirrels less gutsy,
When put on the spot
He gave more than he got,
As a homicide, it was open and shutsy.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Snort!

    (That's a compliment, by the way)

  2. grrrrrrrr .. looks like a veritable nutcase to me ... !!

  3. Is that your photo? YOUR photo? Are you an orthopedist to squirrels, too? More... please...

  4. GAWF!! that killer squirrel
    would delight my little girl.
    She has a knack for the svelte
    and I am sure she'd have felt.
    every single hair on her head curl!!

    My daughter started a club called the Ardidas de muerte (squirrels of death). How funny it has come full circle. I'll have to show her this, she will giggle.

  5. Sophia: No the photo was lifted shamelessly from Stu's site and modified ever so slightly.

    Stu: Giggles are good. When I front up to St peter I am relying on the giggle side of the ledger to neutralise the more grubby side. Your daughter's giggle may be the one that gets me over the line.

  6. Ha, that is too funny......the picture and the comment! So simple, yet so telling. :)


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