Sunday, July 27, 2014

736 - Master Jack

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #171) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are: 

dabble, thrill, whack, hallowed, blasts, stained,
hunt, unfolds, shallow, center, skill, reveal

Master Jack

This is the tale of Master Jack,
A thrill seeker, of sorts,
He dabbles in all kind of things
Like making beers and ports,
He’s tried to paint and made stained glass
But never took to sports.

He’s whacked in nails, he’s cut up wood,
He’s hung and centred prints,
He’s mixed strange potions in his shed,
Then ignited them with flints.
The blasts that came from some of these
Are talked of ever since.

He played with words and written things,
Poems, prose and letters;
His favourite task on a rainy night 
Is to bravely try to net a
Pun or double entendre,
The naughtier, the better.

He’s poked fun at hallowed icons,
He’s pruned a lemon tree,
He’s made a shallow garden patch
He’s sailed upon the sea,
He’s built a robust barbeque
That will outlive World War III.

He’s made the perfect omelette,
He’s emptied out the drains,
He’s eaten deep fried guinea-pigs,
He’s slept upon a plane.
He’s unfolded paper road maps
And refolded them again.

Yet when his deathbed beckons him,
To look back on what he’s done,
At all the skills he’s tinkered with,

He’ll say it has been fun
But examination will reveal
That he hadn’t mastered one.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. Brian (ex Facebook)July 27, 2014

    LOL! He sounds a lot like me. We should compare notes!

  2. Jack never did master that hill with Jill!

    1. The nursery rhyme is silent on whether he reached the top or fell down half way up.

    2. Actually the rhyme just says they both went up the hill. We just assume, based on nothing substantial, that they went together.

    3. They only had one pail.

  3. What did he do in the afternoon?

  4. If he had fun, does the mastery (or not) matter?

  5. He had the right idea, to try everything and thoroughly enjoy himself doing it. Most importantly he doesn't appear to have sought praise...Good on him.

  6. Haha awesome! It's by tinkering that we learn how it all fits together :)

  7. I am a dabbler in many things, so I really enjoyed the fun of this poem.

  8. Who wants to go the grave with a stunning reference and no fun under their belts...i think Master Jack explores the world as it should be..

  9. Wonderful crisp poem - I must admit I could not get song "Master Jack" wasn't it? out of my mind which played as accompaniment

  10. There is a bit of him in all of us, too much truth in this.

  11. aww....he's more than average...

  12. I'd say that if he dabbled in all of those things he really lived his life, and that is a GOOD thing!

  13. AnonymousJuly 27, 2014

    I am standing on my feet, applauding loudly, yelling "BRAVO! BRAVO!"

    What a wonderful poem, great rhyme, so inventive, so remarkably creative, and a great eternal story. Thank you.

    I am printing it out, and it's going up on my wall to reread again and again.


  14. So true, yet, not the whole story. I enjoyed it very much.

  15. this was a great tribute to someone in your life, very detailed and symbolic of the photo provided. this person is truly a master jack!

  16. That could well be the story of my life! Excellent.

  17. I think I like Jack the Blaster best! Oh, how I would have loved to have been nearby when he set off one of his explosions!

    My Whirl: “Places”

  18. He enjoyed himself? Yes? It was mastery!

  19. So clever! Loved the wordplay and grinned all the way through like a fool.

  20. Artful and bitter sweet fun Cosmo - brightened up my Sunday...

  21. Ah, yes.. rather be a Jack of all trades. It allows for a varied and interesting life.

  22. AnonymousJuly 28, 2014

    Pursuing ones own interests is fun and very educational. I think it leads to a rich and satisfying life...Bravo, Master Jack...


  23. quite brilliant this one.... the phrase is well lit in a sing song poem!

  24. Your rhyme and story are very fun, as usual your wit delights! Thank you for the smile and chuckle on my Sunday, while I laze about :-)

  25. mastery is over rated I think… joy in the adventure, that to me is a life well lived.

  26. You know, JC, I think he may have mastered several!

    But what does a Bear really know?

    Peace and joy!

  27. Fun. Though some might debate the lack of pun mastery.

  28. The classic, one gets into everything but master of none! But the fact that one touches base is itself a success and that can be for many occasions! Wonderful word craft Cosmo!


  29. I do like Jack.

    Thanks for stopping in to visit At The Farm.

  30. Oh what stunning clever fun this is to read.


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