Sunday, January 02, 2022

1575 - Why should they care?

The Sunday Whirl has a set of words, for a Wordle:

signal drive plaid lone life joke
club ice fire merry join fly

Why should they care?

I wonder what drives them.
These well fed, well paid, members of The Club?
Rhetorical question.
Fly in, fly out,
Make merry around fires or pools,
Sipping drinks chilled with imported glacier ice,
While it’s still there,
Why should they care?
That’s the life!
The signals drip entitlement.
Pillage while you can,
Because you can,
All you can.
Joke about the poor lone pathetic fools
Who lament your actions.
Your media buddies ridicule them
With cheap shots and phone taps,
Headlines, all in bold caps.
“Well played!” they chortle.
Well, plaid is Gaelic for blanket—
Covered up.  Hidden.  Smothered.
The truth.  Justice.  Equity.
Just the scars are visible. 

They've gone.
Why should they care?

© 2022  J Cosmo Newbery