Monday, August 31, 2015

819 - Past

Haiku Horizons has the prompt ‘Past’.

The past is no more.
The future, but a promise.
Eat, drink, be merry.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

818 - The Garden

Blood Plum blossum, Chez Newbery

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #214) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

worm, stop, here, speak, amber, chirping,
deal, easy, rot, foster, me, secret

The Garden

The garden calls me,
Speaks to me
In the easy words 
Of love and life.
There are no secrets here.
Life is full,
Full of growth and regrowth.
Death is here too.
For every start there is a stop.
Things grow, bloom, die and rot.
The malady of life.
Only to repeat.  
And repeat.
A melody of sounds—
A chorus 
Of the chirping of small birds
And the harsh calls of the large.
But a melody of colours too—
Greens, ambers, reds, blues,
A melody of life.
The fittest survive.  
Or the lucky.
Magpies stride, imperious, 
Hands behind their backs.
Worms don’t.
Wrens watch from the side.
Possums sleep,
Dreaming of the new growth.
A recurring pattern
That fosters understanding,
Helps us to comprehend
The larger cycle
We all must face.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

817 - No Man's Land

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #213) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

lucid, wine, stain, puzzle, foreign, superior,
feckless, dumb, chiseled, hollow, luminous, winner

No Man’s Land

A foreign land men should avoid
Unless they love derision,
Is that dark hell-hole of ridicule—
Daytime television.

Why it’s watched is a puzzle itself,
Its shows are hollow spleen,
But what really does the poor men in
Are the ad breaks in between.

Here we seem some superior wife
Mocking her feckless mate
For his attempts to clean off stains
Without using Stainabate®

How could this ham-fisted semi-ape
Not know the ‘stained-tie test’
Where it was clearly shown Stainabate®
Cleaned cleaner than the rest? 

All the ads depict men the same,
As dumb and chinless wonders,
Where women sip a glass of wine
While pointing out their blunders.

The women there are all portrayed
As lucid high achievers
While the men are all unshaven clods
Who dream of beer and beavers.

No Chesty Bond® with his well chiselled chin
Will grace the screen, off-peak,
Just ways to have the best luminous lips
To sneer and still be chic.

But nowadays, when roles are blurred,
And both sexes cook the dinner,
Ad revenues are in decline
And everyone’s the winner.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

816 - Mistakes

Sunday Scribblings 2’s prompt: mistakes.


When mistakes are made
We look outside for reasons
When they are within.

Assumptions are flawed:
One plus one does not make two—
In binary maths.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

815 - Demi-God

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: kneel, nasty, purr.


Sometimes friendly, sometimes surly,
With a hint of feline smirk,
These furry little assassins
Are nasty bits of work.

They know
The status quo
When you house becomes their run.
A truth you should learn quite early,
They’ll kneel before no-one.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

814 - A Leaden Haiku or two.

Haiku Horizons has the prompt ‘Lead’.
Something of an ambiguous word when taken out of context.
Here goes:

A Leaden Haiku or two.

All paths lead to Rome.
So they would have us believe;
Mine leads to the world.

Politics is dire.
Where have all the leaders gone?
A depressing void.

We think we’ve found gold
But mistake weight for substance.
Just lead.  Heavy.  Cheap.

To turn lead to gold—
The alchemist’s holy grail.
But they all died poor.

Full of fancy words,
She lead me to think she cared.
Harsh words killed that thought.

Leaden clouds gathered.
The storm swirled around itself—
A whirling dervish.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

813 - Pot Black

Mad Kane has a weekly limerick challenge.
She provides the rhyme word, this week it is “pot”.
The rest is up to us.

A politician from a blue ribbon plot,
Thought the poor were an overpaid lot.
But when caught with his snout
Sucking the public purse out,
The kettle turned and winked at the pot.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

812 - The Boat of Pigs Fiasco

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #212) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

escape, way, veins, feast, torn, broke,
generate, engine, laugh, sack, ghost, empty

The Boat of Pigs Fiasco
Incorporating The Hunting of the Nark.
An Agony in three Fits.

Fit the First.
An abbot, a bishop and a ghostly choir,
We’re crewing the ship of state.
“We are a broad and most liberal church
But give preference to our mates”.

“Only the blue blood pulses through our veins
We sup with Sterling spoons,
We piously quote from the ancient texts
And divert the State’s doubloons”

“Of course the other cheek should be turned
But some things we can't forgive—
The 'unnamed sources' mean that this ship
Is more leaky than a sieve.”

“The rabble point at us and rudely laugh.
We suspect a choirboy in the middle row
Is generating a more modern text—
That is why they mock us so.”

Fit the Second
The suspect choirboy wore his boyish grin
And often raised their ire,
“Why me?  There is a veritable feast of leaks,
Plus the pain of ‘friendly fire’.”

“Our engine’s stalled, fuel is nearly empty,
And our navigation's gone astray.
We‘ve lost our heart and all humanity,
We're a vessel in decay.”

“We’ve sacked our respected authorities,
We’ve stacked our Royal Commissions;
We’ve ignored our UN obligations
And our faithful have suspicions.”

“Your ship is sinking, taking hits both fore and aft—
So it flounders in an angry sea;
Its destination has never been divulged,
Well, certainly not to me.”

Fit the Third.
The Captain paced the tilting deck,
In Speedos and blue tie,
He already missed a near death date
But ignored the reasons why.

"We're doomed! We're doomed" the minor crew
Exclaimed like worried hens,
"There is no hope for this cursed ship,
It's the beginning of the end!

The Captain was not convinced of this:
“Come, I’m Captain, just let me steer.
I can control the steerage mob:
I’ll just ratchet up their fear”

It was a well known ploy, the choirboys were impressed.
But, committed, they could hardly scoff —
They cheered and cheered and oinked a bit
Before returning to their trough.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

811 - Thou Shalt.

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: enigmatic, gruesome, and irritate.

Thou shalt.  

We love rules.
Break them,

But, by and large,
We love rules.
And are irritated,
Often irrationally,
When people break them.

Hey! You can’t do that!

Watch me.

We watch them,
Expecting the Gods,
Enigmatic and remote
At the best of times,
To smite them
For their insolence.

But they don’t.

Or do.

That’s life.

For the record 
I would like to add 
A bonus rule:
If you are desiring 
A good night’s sleep,
Do not do a Google search
For images associated with
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Sunday, August 09, 2015

810 - Future Imperfect

Illustration: Banksy

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #211) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

plaster, chill, rattle, drum, recede, scry,
thread, web, know, sin, cry, creek

Future Imperfect.

The old lady sits at a baize-covered table
To scry, to ply the art of the ball and Tarot;
What she sees chills her old bones
And, muttering, she hopes it is not so.

The village has an idiot, old mad Tony,
Who delights in low grade baloney,
Always rattling the spear
Of racism and fear,
A story that’s self-serving but phoney.

You can plaster cracks
You can draw together stray threads,
But the faults remain.

The old lady put away her cards
Covered her ball with a sheet
She knew that what she had seen was a sin:
To demonise, to imprison and mistreat.

Leaders should attend—
The drums of decent people
Echo through the house.

The lies continue
They do not cease
They do not recede
They build upon each other
A progression
A Web
Of deceit
One upon another
As if the new one 
Will distract us from the old

They are cogs in a corporate machine
Who worships their money and Queen,
We are lead up a creek
Where humanity is bleak
And paddles seldom are seen.

The old lady stood and departed her tent
What she had seen compelled her to cry.
She could see that the story was horrid
But had no way to fathom out why.

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes.
- Les Miserables 
Sections I-VIII
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Saturday, August 08, 2015

809 - Sundry Haikus

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: filth, addicted, and defiant.

Haiku 1.

We choose what offends—
One’s muck is another’s cream.
Filth is subjective.


Haiku 2.

Addicted to gods;
Faith in fairies and voodoo—
Why do we need them?


Haiku 3.

He stands defiant,
Denying the obvious—
The rich coal miner.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

Saturday, August 01, 2015

808 - Birthday!

The first of August is the horse's birthday
in the southern hemisphere.

The first of August—
Give the horses a birthday!
(No secrets for them.)
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015