Sunday, April 17, 2022

1576 - The Circus Comes to Town


The Circus Comes to Town

Lock up your babies, while there’s time,
The candidates are a-coming;
Photo ops are a pantomime—
The spin will be mind-numbing.

Those dubious bits of nonsense, the polls,
Excite or make us fretting.
As reliable as pinning voodoo dolls,
But each time we keep forgetting.

The facts become superfluous
When intent is clearly to mislead;
They tell us they want what’s best for us
But merely sell us fear and greed.

Then be not shy, but use your vote,
And, while you can, go cast it.
We cannot sink the gravy boat,
But with luck we can outlast it.
© 2022  J Cosmo Newbery