Sunday, February 15, 2009

CXIV - Nature's Blessing

Lee sent me this photo with a note saying
"As you like wine, women and song, I thought you might like this."
Well, yes, I do. But he was wrong about the song.

Nature's Blessing

Natures bountiful harvest,
Warm and plump and young.
You can either gently hold them
Or caress them with your tongue.

Firm and for the having,
Glistening with morning dew,
They are a glorious blessing.
And the grapes are quite nice too.

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. I think that I shall never see
    A thing as pretty as good poetry.
    Unless it's a naked lass eating some chow...
    (boy! I could sure use some of that action, now)

  2. I can't help but to clown around some, and via /t's last two posts, I was doing just that, but, I ended up with this bit of avatar and thought you might like it...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hahaha....

    Clever, are you, J. Cosmo Newbery!

    ...the first time, I spelled your last name w/an added "r"...can't have that.

  5. Boneman: Cheers!

    Simply Heather: Thank you!

  6. You did well. Sneaky, but well.

    No songs?

  7. Nice poem and cheeky,
    yes we girls sure have some nice fruits to offer. ♥

  8. Beautiful poem for a beautiful photo

  9. That's quite a witty poem...I'm enjoying your site, and came over after you left me some comments

  10. Easier said than done.


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