Wednesday, January 02, 2008

XXXIII - A different quest.

. A different quest [The Knight] Come dear fellow, let’s walk in the park I need to air a subject most dark: Just between me and you Though I enjoy a rhyme or two It no longer seems to provide a spark. [The Attendant] Oh master, pray, please do nothing rash There will be tears that flow and teeth that gnash; [The Knight] Sancho, my friend, I am telling you That a man must do what a man must do. It’s time to park This poetry lark And bravely tilt at a wind mill or two. --- © J Cosmo Newbery ---
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  1. Surely you can multi task?

    Larking and tilting are quite complementary, are they not?

  2. I'm a man - my mind is one track. And a single carriage, dirt track to boot.

  3. Yes, snow in Indiana, it's all the thing
    Grab up a mitt full and give it a fling
    or build a snowman or girl
    nothing much funner in the world,
    Well, except getting back into the house for a good warming.

  4. uh oh. this doesnt bode well. perhaps a worthy advesary will engage you once again. but where to find a mayden that be pleasing to us both? for the dog hath mutated to another creature and feels it unseemly to quest for a lady. perhaps a battle for a nation, or a bottle of merlot?

  5. If adversaries are your quest
    but familiarity strikes you as best
    just about anything will do
    turn the item over and it says to you
    China is where it's made in. (Jest)


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