Wednesday, April 01, 2009

CXXXXVII - No Joking!


No joking!

On April the first
Our society’s cursed,
By people who love pulling pranks.
They happily install
Goofy jokes that appall
And wonder why we never say ‘thanks’.

This need to trick
Is really quite sick
And makes any sensible folk shiver.
In Australia, at least,
Their numbers decreased,
With the bodies now floating down river.

When they finally die
And ascend to the sky
To report for the Heavenly review,
Wouldn’t it be great
If the guy on the gate
Said “Sorry, this ticket’s for Hell. Adieu.”

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Some things looked like a joke, in fact, it is not a joke, but real to happen.
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  2. I don't pull off good jokes so I just try to avoid the whole day.

  3. Dunno man, it wouldn't be that great...

    ...a bit of a pain in the bum for the just ascended!

  4. I'm saved from any ruthless jokes since I'm constantly on the move today..and people I meet are too serious to remember that today's a prank's day. Pheww..

  5. I'm with you.. I HATE pranks, especially on April 1.

  6. Most apropos. Lovely rhymes. no joke...

  7. I am agreeing with Heather, pranks are for cranks but I love humour.

  8. How do you really feel about April Fool's Day?

  9. "Wouldn’t it be great
    If the guy on the gate
    Said “Sorry, this ticket’s for Hell. Adieu.”

    What?!! There are French people working the gates of Heaven??? ;)

    As for the "April 1st" virus I mused to a friend...
    "Who stands to gain from a world wide panic of a super-bug infecting our machines?"

    The anti-virus makers.

    Perhaps I'm a tad cynical for April Fools day this year?

    Hope this first day of of the 4th month finds you well, dear Cosmo :)

  10. Well, that WOULD be funny, and, what the hey. I've always thought the CREATOR to have a great sense of humor, so, who's to say?
    On the other hand, and maybe just as funny
    would be good folks who don't believe get up there,
    and at the Gate, Saint Pete asks for some money....
    Oh well, grin and bare it, I always say...


  11. ???
    I thought my sister and I were the only ones who held standing first class tickets to hell ??!!

    In fact, we've collected so many tickets, we now are proud owners of our own fleet of jets to hell.

    You'll have to guess what we serve as a snack ...

  12. wow.
    I just realized you're coming up on the big CL!

  13. Well, that is the joke to end all jokes. And I have to say, my Little One totally loved April Fool's Day and actually pulled off a few good ones!

  14. Hi there!
    I havent commented in a while...
    but i was around...

    Oh and I gave u an award on my blog..
    go see!!

    keep poem-ing! :)

  15. Good poem j cosmo...I think April Fools day is outdated and banal...when I think of some of the pranks some guys have tried to pull on me over the years I just cringe.♡


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