Monday, July 26, 2010

CLXXXXVIII - Thoughts on a different Plane.


Plenty of time to ponder on the flights.

When a day in a plane’s to be spent,
The hostess is a diversion, heaven sent.
But alas all the stewards
Dispensing the fluids,
Were male. Or maybe ambivalent.


There’s something surreal in the scene
Of people coming or having been,
Row by row and seat by seat,
Four hundred hunks of airborne meat,
Watching life on a tiny screen.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. "airborne meat" -- love it!

    I've missed your unique view of the world, J Cosmo!

    The all-male flight attendants sounds like MY kind of flight - minus the ambiguity ;)

  2. what a long flight it must have been.
    it's nice you are back. but i know, that i'm
    always a bit ambivalent about being back after
    a lengthy vacation.

  3. It's lovely to have you back dear J Cosmo, you have been missed.
    Your description here is turning me right off long air flights, what does one do apart from ponder to pass the time? There is a limit to how much in flight entertainment you can watch. xoxo ♡

  4. Oh, I will have to fly soon and I am not happy about that at all as I hate to fly.;))
    Great poem nevertheless.;)

  5. One thing we notice when we flew on Qantas is the stewards and stewardesses are old ( and some obese!). No offence but they do look very professional with aprons..unlike the ones we have in Asia..all must be young and with curvy shapes, bright make-ups and sometimes act like dumb blondes. But I think Qantas is my preferred airlines so far!


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