Sunday, October 03, 2010

CCIX- Regrets



When I am breathing my last,
Metered by things that ‘ping’,
With nurses pillowing up my head
And a teary family in a ring,

I wonder if I will have regrets about
The things I’ve filled my time?
Will I wish I’d learn to swim
Or written poems that didn’t rhyme?

Will I wish I’d eaten Brussels’ Sprouts
More frequently than I do?
Or wish I’d spent a little time
And learned to dance a step or two?

Will I wish I’d worked for longer hours
Or more weekends or nights?
Or wish I’d watched more daytime TV
Or attended boxing fights?

No, I’m sure there are some things
That will never be resented;
But not every call was a clear one
And you play the cards presented.

Hindsight is most hurtful thing,
A critic without care.
All choices I made were the right ones,
As I was actually there.

All I can do is minimize
The regrets of looking back,
As the line becomes a flat one
And the memory fades to black.

© J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. Oh dearest J Cosmo, that is such a wonderful poem but it is so sad.
    We all have regrets and hindsight can be a cruel insight into our past failings, but to me you are perfect just as you are and I'm sure you always did your best for everyone.
    You cannot leave us, no 'flatlines' for you, :( I have the defibulator/defibrillator charged and ready! :D

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. No Dianne, not planning to leave just yet. This poem started some months ago and has lingered on, on life support, for far too long. I forget where the original 'prompt' came from.

  3. Well dearest J Cosmo, I'm pleased to hear that you are not leaving us just yet, that is some bright news for a dreary, wet, Sunday. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  4. This was a bit sad, but I hope that there will be no regrets when that time comes, only a satisfaction of reflecting on a life lived.;)

  5. Regrets..I have a few, but I did it my way.

    Superb, poem!!

  6. More brussel sprouts - never! It was a lovely piece. The last two lines were just perfect..Jae

  7. I'd eat more brussel sprouts. I like brussel sprouts. a POEM. Wow!

    This has a beautiful cadence and rhythm. And the words you chose and the rhymes.

    Yes, I really liked this!

  8. Very well written, I enjoyed reading this :o)

  9. I loved this! I, too, like my poems to rhyme. I love the ending. I enjoyed the entire poem!

  10. In general, I consider regrets a waste of time but especially at the end point. Doesn't prevent me from having some of my own, however.

  11. i had never thought of hindsight as cruel before - but i see what you mean!

  12. ...All I can do is minimize
    The regrets of looking back,
    As the line becomes a flat one
    And the memory fades to black

    ...true indeed...nice write.

  13. This is so good. Occasionally i come across writing in here that speaks about me. Thank you.

  14. A wonderful and thoughtful piece of writing.

  15. OH! this is a bit sad. that's my story and i'm sticking to it! xxx


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