Thursday, September 22, 2011

CCLII - The Nude and the Elephant

Red Dirt Girl put up some photos that were in search of a limerick.
How could I not oblige?

The elephant thought the guy cute
As he stood naked in front of the brute.
"But your trunk is so small,
It's of no use at all
For jobs like picking up fruit."


A lady who was pubicly cleared
Lamented "It's just as I feared.
The absence of hair
(Despite a cute pair)
Tends only to attract the quite weird.


© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. J Cosmo, you are SO good! (Or should I say bad...LOL.) These two really woike me up this morning.

  2. Oh my - these were hilarious!

  3. These really gave me a laugh! How odd to be out photographing nude people with an elephant! LOL

  4. Lol kept me amused while I waited for my special bday lunch to be made :-) thank you

  5. Cosmo,

    You're the BEST! These are perfect.
    Thank you,

  6. See now, this is what I think they're SUPPOSED to be - clever, a little wicked, funny and fun! You did it all and the pictures don't hurt!

  7. Very, very funny. But who woke up one day and thought, "I'm doing some photo's of nudes. What I really need to take is an elephant"?

  8. Hilarious and a bit naughty... love them!

  9. Super impressive, George Bernard Shaw would agree that limericks need to be a bit obscene to truly by limericks. Interesting we get full frontal on the woman but not the man and I too wonder about the photographer.

  10. These were great. Very funny stuff. Great job. Thanks

  11. haha...your trunk is too small...dont we get that enough already...smiles...and i dont mind the ... guess i am weird...smiles.

  12. J Cosmo!
    Yours are the BEST by far!
    Simply put 'em in a jar
    Spoon 'em
    Can 'em
    Cover with a coat of tar.

    ((And we will enjoy them NEXT winter?)

  13. Hilarious...the elephant was right,you couldn't pick up fruit with it(all depends where you live I suppose:)

  14. Wow, loved these! The man and the elephant will have me giggling all night!

  15. Whew, Cosmo, those limericks! Spot on!
    Pachydermic and nude goings-on!
    But I wonder what if
    You'd been faced with a .gif
    Of a big, woolly, wild mastodon?

  16. Wonderful limerick rejoinder, Samuel!

  17. Both excellent, first brilliant!

    Anna :o]

  18. Leave it to Cosmo! The witty guy always comes with gems. They are both hilarious. Thanks for sharing! Cosmo!


  19. Ah-ha-ha! Now that's what a limerick should do! I'm still laughing.

  20. Two great limericks you served
    The pictures were great and unreserved
    And though she was running
    I think it was cunning
    To say her suitors were perved


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