Sunday, December 18, 2011

CCLXVII - Listen Up, Fat Man


 One Minute Writer had a topic "Santa"
The image is a modified Norman Rockwell.

Listen up, Fat Man.

Don’t give me sock or hankies,
Forget about the books,
I have no need for power tools,
Leaf blowers are for sooks.

I have a phone and need no more
My kitchen is well kitted,
The sweaters have been well and good
But very few have fitted.

It’s not that I’m not grateful,
There is just nothing that I plead for:
I have not the slightest interest
In things I have no need for.

If I really must have a list
Of things to send my way:
How about an equal world
Where all can have a say?

Is a well managed planet
Beyond your elfish crew?
Resources should belong to all
And not just the selfish few.

And wars give me the irrits,
They are never ever right;
Kindly ditch all politicians
Who send our youth away to fight.

My last wish is a cheeky one,
And would let you retire your sleigh:
Could rid us of religion?
That would truly make my day.


© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. OK, well in that case I will keep your present for myself...

  2. Santa will frown over this as all these means more work!

  3. I'm with you on all points. There's nothing *I* need or want and getting rid of religion would be a step in the right direction. Excellent poem!

  4. Having a good wish for the world at large. Nothing for oneself need be asked for. This will make things easier for Santa certainly.


  5. I love this one! Just wonderful! Both funny and packed with truth!

    I stopped by to thank you for your fun contributions to my Limerick-Offs.

  6. Excellent sentiments!

    I do like receiving books, though...

  7. And a kiss under the mistletoe from someone I'm aching to kiss.....

  8. wonderful holidays to you and yours, Cosmo and the best for the new year!


  9. Lee's a needy booger, ain't he..

  10. Hey now: A fruitcake should be to your liking?
    To take on your next outing -- that 10km hiking!

  11. Well Goatman, to me a fruitcake is a non-secular slice-able ambrosia; to be made for all occasions that may be celebrating something. Even if the something is just 'the first Saturday of the week'.

    Now, what is a '10km hike'?


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