Sunday, October 20, 2013

624 : The Cinema

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #131) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:

amalgam, gravel, trash, nothing, cheat, vacant, 
brick, mouth, tentacles, fence, notices, everything, balance

The Cinema

We sit, as zombies,
Focussed on the screen in front.
Watching everything
But noticing nothing.
Cars explode, as they never would.
Slimy and cupped tentacles explore.  
Prodding.  Hunting.  Threatening.
Husbands cheat on wives,
Ruin lives. Or not. 
Singlets and bras survive explosions.
While brick fences offer scant resistance.
Ammunition is in plentiful supply.
Story lines vary.  Some trash.  Others more so.
All is black and white, good guys bad guys,
There is no balance.  No shades of grey.

We sit, as zombies,
Focussed on the screen in front.
Our faces, not vacant, but animated.
We laugh as one,
We scream as one,
Like a room of ruminants, 
We eat as one.
The rhythmic passage of crisps, bag to mouth,
Replicating a battalion of troops,
Marching on a gravel path.
Toffees, the arch enemy of amalgam, 
Sucked in open-mouthed absorption.
Popcorn, in vast tubs, comes and go.
The low nutritional input from the screen
Closely matches the viewer’s diet.
Which, I wonder, does the most harm?
© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. The nutritional input from the screen. It fills the brain leaving no room for more nourishing fare...

  2. yes, there is more sustaining content elsewhere. people do tend to be like sheep at times though, following the herd. very well expressed.

  3. Beautifully expressed the ambiance of cinema hall.Just yesterday I watched " Gravity" movie in a cinema hall and forgot that others too are sitting along, as everyone was deeply engrossed in the movie and expressed their fear, happiness as ONE!!

  4. The wrong sort of movie, the wrong sort of snacks... take an apple and a walk and you'll feel better ;)

  5. I agree with Pauline. It depends on the kind of movie you are watching. It's sad that values are being sacrificed for bucks by most filmmakers but there are some good filmmakers out there who do their best to give us good stuff.

  6. Ha ha, I choose movies carefully, & I always bring my own can of soda & never buy that salty popcorn. But you are is as interesting to watch the people in theaters as it is to watch the movie itself!

  7. Oh my gosh! This is the movie experience completely! What a great way to use the Wordle words. I am VERY impressed!

    Whirling Photo Album

  8. haha.. never going back to the cinema again ;) I don't know why, but last few years I have no desire to go anyway...
    and yes, it's interesting to watch people in movie theaters; my boyfriend always says it's better watching my expressions than watching the movie itself :)

  9. OH you took me there - LOVE the "room of ruminants"......and that the diet on and off screen are about the wryly enjoyable to read.

  10. Love this commentary on some of the trash on the screens. The 3-D pic reminds me that, while "Gravity" is being shown in 3-D, I was afraid I'd get sick or have a panic attack!! Believe me, "flat screen" was enough.

    The "room of ruminants" was a great choice of words, Cos. Best, though, is the theme. You nailed our "action packed fantasy" while we sit on our butts and drink mochas and eat junk food... while paying for the privilege! Amy

  11. As I ate my popcorn this weekend at the movies, it did occur to me that I should probably put the bag down. Of course, I didn't and kept on eating despite the lack of nutrition in each buttery, salty handful!

  12. There will be fifty shades of grey if they ever get around to making the movie; if they ever find an actor brave enough to portray Christian Grey!

  13. Oh how true is the bit about toffees :) And it fascinates me why anyone would want a container of popcorn the size of a wheelie bin!


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