Thursday, July 10, 2014

725 - Thoughts from Paris.

Thoughts from Paris

The Moulin Rouge has plenty of girls,
With feathers and boas and pearls,
And sweet little tits
Of a size that permits
Dancing with high kicks and swirls.


The country has so many cheeses
And foie gras, from well-fattened geeses,
And fresh crusty bread,
And wines, white and red—
A mix that constantly pleases.


A Parisien girl on a bicyclette
Left me images, hard to forget.
Of a tall elegant kind,
Her coat billowed behind,
And long legs completed the effect.


With so many sweet gateaux (and their kin),
It’s hard to know where to begin.
But what puzzles me more
Than the calories they store,
Is: how Parisiens keep so thin?


The Metro induces strange habits,
To come and then go, as White Rabbits,
But as you board and alight,
Keep your wallet from sight,
As there are plenty there willing to nab it.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. Love this! I have a weakness for limericks.

  2. I wonder...are you in Paris just now? Ha, I was there in spring and wondered the same thing about how the Parisians stayed so thin. Actually I think WALKING everywhere might have a bit to do with it. And, oh the cheeses.......

    1. Was. (sigh).
      Yes, there is a lot of walking.

  3. Percy Bisque SilleyJuly 11, 2014

    Having lived in Paris these past several years, I find that I have entirely retained my slender form despite approaching, shall we call it, forty five. I attribute this to the insistence of the ladies here on being provided with entertainment. While I have read that this should not burn off many calories, I find that the unusual positioning often expected here, for example standing on one's head or on just a single leg while using the other for European-style equestrian warmups, may give the lie to that theory.

    1. I'm sure there is the basis for a research paper here...

  4. I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful time. And thank you.

  5. I guess the French do not eat a lot of processed food and do not snack in between meals as much as other nations. As for the cheeses, the legend has it that there 365 kinds, one for each day. I never tried to check if this was true.

    1. Could try them all, that's for sure. But did what I could with the time I had.

  6. Of course they have small breasts - otherwise not everything would stop when the music stopped.

  7. I like the sound of the girl on the bike. ;-)

  8. A bouncing boob could do much damage...


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