Sunday, September 28, 2014

759 - The Schooling

A posey of flowers marks the spot where ashes
of drowned asylum seekers were scattered.

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #180) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are: 
posey, ashes, flames, sticks, lot, fear, 
love, discernment, polarize, identity, selfless, joy

The Schooling

Love comes naturally.
Everything fascinates babies,
Without discernment,
Without prejudice.
Every new experience is filled
With lots of joy and delight.
This is how we arrive:


Fear is learned.
Fear is taught.
Sometimes through 
The blistering flames of experience
But all too often through the 
Whispering innuendos 
Of tribal groupings:
My people versus your people,
Age, race, colour, gender
All needless labels that send a
Message of stereotype and difference.
Vilification sticks.
Humanity is denied.


Those who would control us
Know this all too well.
Politicians, advertisers,
Media owners of all types,
Tap into this contrived identity,
Polarize our groups
With the sticks and carrots 
Of fear and envy,
For their own ends,
A discordant ensemble
Of dog whistles.
Obediently we react,
Stay in our compounds
And bark at strangers.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. You'd think we would learn to change school.

  2. Ouch. How I wish you were wrong.

  3. So true - fear - like discrimination and hate - are always taught.

  4. That "Peaceable Kingdom" a painter's delight is no more than a dream. Sadly mankind's development seems to reject that notion out of hand.

  5. That would indeed be the education of life..damn it..and i fell for it too

  6. Cynical? or Realistic? I can't tell. But it's a well-formed poem.

  7. Fear --- taught, reinforced and admired. These are sad days we're living through. Strong work, J Cosmo.

  8. Wolf, wolf...yes we do. People do awful things because of fear.

  9. Strong words. Strong theme and opinion.
    I like it. I agree.
    But i don't want to polarize things too much. ;-) Randy

  10. We dragons get a bad press.

  11. Such a beautifully and cleverly written commentary.

  12. All too true, and the earlier one is taught, the harder it is to ever change.

  13. Filled with truth and delivered in your uniquely witty style!

  14. Cos, as always, you nail the truth to the wooden door. We are, indeed, all born with eyes open to the world as it unfolds. Then we are taught by our parents - which is heaven or hell, but usually this side of purgatory! Schools indoctrinate through Eurocentric textbooks and sports that exclude all but the muscled mighty few. And about those commercials... don't get me started, right? Your work is SO in my bailiwick, I love visiting. Sorry I have been absent of late, but thx for your recent comment.

    Shit, I love this one! Should be required reading for prospective parents. Amy

  15. I loved this because it's so true. We come in innocent and blameless and end up messes. :) And, boy oh boy, it's only gonna get worse. I can't imagine the pressures that are on the young ones these days. Plugged in 24/7... Oh, the good old days with a hard-wired phone and no need to answer it. :) Hope all is well, J Cosmo! It's great to be back reading your amazing writing.

  16. I'm retreating to my woman cave...yes, we woman do have caves, too!


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