Sunday, November 08, 2015

832 - Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta, as it was but now isn't.

Ku De Ta

There are security guards, front and back.
There are barriers from the beach,
“Enter through the lobby, please.”
Bag searches are mandatory.
We sit, elevated; remote to the beach,
There but not there.

The menu is a gardener’s delight:
Phytochemicals in abundance:
Tastes like uncooked vegetable soup
Sold as rejuvenating juice.  
With kale, of course.
Chia seeds and goji berries extra.
The whole raw slurry
Has more antioxidants than you can poke
An extra wide slurpy straw at.
Glasses of grey-ish, orange-ish, pureed gloop.
More medicinal than refreshing.

There is a pool going in 
Where there were once red umbrellas.
Coup d'état.
Not only the head has been removed,
The heart has too.
But the liver! 
Oh, the liver is remarkably frisky.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

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  1. In fairness, I had a kiwi/raspberry/blackcurrant/orange blend that was quite delicious.

    Mrs N fell for the gloop.

    1. Nothing with kale bodes well for the drinker.

  2. Welcome back. It sounds like your 'holiday' was a very mixed bag. Raspberry anything is ALWAYS delicious. So long as they are real. Synthetic raspberry is an abomination.

  3. I have heard of liver treats for dogs but to treat the liver itself sounds like torture.

  4. Shudder - are you sure this was a holiday - kale juice...a certain little someone would be stamping her feet for sugar..and a bigger little someone for beer, wine and cake! Ku De Ta indeed - good to see you back and writing sharp as a cocktail umbrella!

  5. Ah. Loved this: "But the liver!/Oh, the liver is remarkably frisky".
    An intriguing picture of the trend; somehow I get a feeling of pretense and understated humor in your words. Very well-penned.

  6. The closing lines had me glued to the screen!

  7. Oh I have fallen for the gloop too. I try to make it a bit more refreshing....very healthy but rarely tasty unless I make it myself. Chia seeds can make it gloopy if you don't drink it right down.

  8. Holidays were invented for guiltless sinful food...weren't they :) Kale juice!!???

  9. Hmm, wondering where you were on holiday. Sounds like more of a 'spa menu' than one which would inspire any kind of holiday guilt. Smiles.

  10. how cleverly your opening verse led me to believe something else about to happen than food fascism - and the stomach is remarkably bored! Love the title too

  11. Sounds like a great reason not to take vacation... The liver in the last line gave me an association to recopies I found with an old mixer... apparently anemic patients were ordained raw liver, and one way to get it down was to make liver-smoothies.. (e.g. Raw liver and banana)... all of the sudden kale sounds delicious.

  12. Happy for your experience with new place, but esp. - for your liver! Fun poem!

  13. LOL, I smiled all the way through. Your closing line, itself, is remarkably frisky. Loved this! As someone who makes banana and spinach smoothies routinely, I reserve further comment Hee hee.

  14. JC, I love visiting you, your clever words always make me smile. I am done with kale, it is a subversive maketing plot by someone who is having a good laugh over it, I am sure.

  15. Interesting! A wonderful little travelogue in verse, with socio-political references too. So much conveyed with such economy. Oh, please do a book of them!


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