Sunday, January 20, 2019

1193 - Predator

On receiving medical news.

Imagine a river,
Wide, inviting, shimmering
Calm on a quiet, balmy morning.

Every day, relaxed,
You strip off your cares,
Your dusty, soiled garments
of yesterday
and slip gratefully
Into the fresh waters
Of a new day.

Imagine this,
This daily ritual.
Refresh and renew.
The river of life.

One day, a local asks
"Did you know
There is a crocodile
In the river?"

Nothing has changed.
But everything has.
© 2019 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I hope the news was not too dire. And send hopeful healing wishes.

  2. "Refresh and renew. The river of life." And then the words that change everything. So well expressed.

  3. Ouch! Yes life is that!....

  4. It is bad enough crossing paths with a snake but a crocodile is much worse and I can so attest! Plenty around northern Queensland strolling along suburban streets!

  5. Yes, sometimes if one knows what REALLY lurks in one's environment it is frightening. Question is whether one would rather know or not know.

  6. The horror of finding something that helped soothe and nourish you could have killed you at any moment. There is gratitude for the knowledge (hey, the crocodile *hasn't* gotten you yet, so that's a plus) but there is grieving because that river can never be accessed or loved again in the same way. Here's hoping the crocodile's threat stays far away and that new nurturing rituals can be found.

  7. Imagining the crocodile... now gone.

  8. Alas I think we look for the crocodile in the days way too much... most often it will look the other way (but our fear will still tether us away from the water)

  9. Yikes! It's no doubt frightening to learn what really lurks out there.

  10. I second the yikes! Sometimes your awareness of the crocodile sinks away again, but the water is never empty.

  11. Oh dear. No more skinny dipping... this was a thoughtful and witty piece... :-)

  12. The crocodile takes away the sense of freedom. I once went canoeing only to find the waters filled with alligators. My joy turned to worry as I wondered with each stroke would my canoe tip into unfriendly waters.

  13. Love this very cool piece that, for me, channelled a bit of a fable-esque vibe. And that close! Woozers! That sent a shiver through me. What an impactful point - and one for which, there are many, many parallels in life. I really like your writing!

  14. Such understated impact in your poem - it is to be hoped that the crocodile hunts further downstream. Best of wishes

  15. Oh yes, being aware of the crocodile has a huge impact on the experience


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