Tuesday, January 28, 2020

1227 - In the Bush

The highway driving.
It's quick, non-stop and direct
But you see nothing.

Dim Sims in the park.
I sat there and ate all three;
The ducks weren't happy.

Visiting the bush,
Herding sheep on country roads,
Not my normal thing.

Discussing ideas
And asking probing questions.
The joy of friendship.

The country salad,
Australian Woman's Weekly,
Circa '65.

The paddocks are dry.
Carting hay to feed the sheep.
Summer is not done.

A birthday party
Many people I don't know—
Friends by the night's end.

It's good to be home.
It's a comfortable place,
The familiar.
© 2020 J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Some gems here.
    And sadly summer is definitely not done. The sooner she moves out the better.

  2. I love how this unfolds - such a careful composition and wonderful end

  3. I dig these poetic snap shots.

  4. Love this especially; "Discussing ideas/And asking probing questions/
    The joy of friendship."💝

  5. Love these haiku, how they play off each other, especially the dry paddock, feeding and herding the sheep.

  6. I loved your little string of gems … so aptly titled!

  7. Haikulicious, one and all. Well done.

  8. I like Ollie calling these poetic snapshots. That is what they are. Wonderful!

  9. I like the way this poem develops, I feel as if I’m with you, and I agree about the comfortable familiarity of home.

  10. These are terrific! And nicely arranged in sequence too, to culminate in that final one.

  11. Luv them all, a haiku feast
    Happy Sunday


  12. Oh how this flows and how descriptive I walked alongside you and loved ending up in the familiar home Lovely

  13. A delight to read, especially the penultimate one... for the best parties are the ones who brew new friends.

  14. I read these twice. Tried to select a favorite but couldn't. They're all little poetic treats. Lovely.


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