Sunday, October 11, 2020

Repost - The Blackbird of Remorse


You've heard of The Bluebird of Happiness.
You've heard of the Pigeon of Discontent.
You've heard of the White Dove of Peace.

With the recent visits by Mr Wong
a repost seemed fitting:

 The Blackbird of Remorse

With steely eyes, it watches you
Despair mistakes and endlessly rue
The choices made, now viewed aghast;
Right at the time but time has passed.
The bird is harsh and oft untrue
In the scorn it piles on you
For things you cannot now undo.
It cares not and attaches fast,
With steely eyes.

What’s done is done, the options few
To retrace our steps and start anew.
You can but endure the questions asked
By the watching, critical cast:
These birds don’t leave, they just accrue.
With steely eyes.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. For some reason black is rather a negative word or description. We should change that idea as shiny black looks good in my eyes. I'd rather look at blackbirds than many humans!

  2. I've never met a blackbird with steely eyes - the ones that frequent our garden are shy but friendly and sing beautifully.

  3. A fearsome creature you've created! And yes, remorse is a B.

  4. I agree with retracing our steps; it works for me very well.

    Got the Raven of Poe.

  5. "What’s done is done, the options few...

    Yes, and the jury, steely-eyed looks on darkly. Nice work!

  6. Looking back does not achieve anything although we are all wired to do this.LIve in the moment.Wear a hat to svoid the steely gaze of Mr C Wong and the attacking magpies or get a few old tom cats.These birds will leave pronto.

  7. Those steely eyes dig in...

  8. Yeah, those accusing birds never leave. Pests!

  9. Familiar with this bird. :) The ending created such a vivid image of a menacing flock.

  10. I would say it has resting judgey face, but I don't think that bird ever rests.

  11. This charming tongue-in-cheek tale could well be titled "The Conniving Corvid"! I loved it!

  12. Interesting, a hint of Poe is there in the rhythm.
    The stare of covid 19 is indeed unnerving.
    The mask smothers our screams

    Stay safe.


  13. There is magic in your rhyme .....

  14. Oh, those birds that always watch for error. Great, dark piece!


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