Monday, May 24, 2021

1573 - Don't mention the Page 3 girls


The Sunday Whirl has a set of words, for a Wordle:
fun, Florida, girls, unify, news, middle,
scandal, hard, lie, run second, spray.

Don't mention the Page 3 girls

The news runs lies,
Broadcast at all hours;
Anger, shock and scandal.
No middle ground to unify,
The morals of a vandal.
A venomous spray
Is no fun way to start the day.
But it titillates the flock—
I really wonder why.

A second try—
Good news is still hard to see...
But wait!  "Florida" means full of flowers.
Well, that was news to me!


© 2021  J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. The picture is reversed because Blogger wouldn't let me upload it right way round. Does it vet for copyright?

  2. I believe that at intervals 'Good News' newspapers have been started. And have died through lack of interest...


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