Thursday, June 29, 2006

IV - Ode to a soft cheese.

A local paper, writing about soft cheeses, suggested that they evoked visions
of being rolled on the thighs of virgins in the moon light.
Apart from probably being confused with Cuban cigars,
such imagery demands poetry.

Ode to a soft cheese

Can love be any more innocent than this?
The sublime adoration of the pure;
Silken smooth, the essence of all we wish
To be ours: virginal, white, demure.

Heady aromas carry us a far
To where, moonlight awash, visions vestal,
Roll and squash, legs a tremble; thighs ajar;
Food of angels on a plate celestial,

Heavenly cheeses, to make someone swoon.
The ladies then wash, their work is well done;
In bathed innocence they dance in the moon
Oblivious to the magic they’ve spun.

Beneath the trees, with my glass of wine,
I enjoy at ease what cannot be mine.

No apologies. © J Cosmo Newbery.
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  1. you write poetry about wine and cheese...
    who can resist?
    which reminds me...
    i'm going to savor wine and cheese tommorow evening..

  2. Think of me. Swoon, if you must.

  3. wine, and cheese, and thighs too.
    oh my! Cosmo's palate is growing!

  4. LOL, Lillie...
    Just when i was about to swoon...
    well, your comment took care of that..

  5. oh my, that is brilliant

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  7. Nea: I am a-quiver, should I enquire about your thighs? I suspect not.

  8. "Virginal" looks creepy to me...ahhh, but that was another time, wasn't it? Of course- Madonna's take on "virginity" was creepy to me too- but I digress!

    JCN- I am sure that North Carolina wine is probably beneath you (Duplin winery)...but I do love it. Have you tried it? It's very sweet-

  9. Lillie: I am reliably told that a varied diet is good for me. This presupposes balnce.

  10. Good Mayden, I suggest anything associated with you is very sweet.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Dear Nea, you are putting thoughts in my mind that by rights should not be there.


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