Saturday, July 01, 2006

V - Behold the lily.

Behold the Lily

Amid the multicoloured quilt I see
Upright, a pure and proud erection;
The honeysuckle, stocks and peonie
All bow in face of its perfection.

Regally rising, and insistently so,
Demanding we marvel it’s giving
Such beauty as we are blessed to know,
Is one of the joys of good living.

The purity it bestows the world
Gives pleasure to the attender.
Silken and smooth, a funnel unfurled,
It’s ambiguous about it’s gender.

But whether it’s male or whether it’s not
Is ultimately not the question;
What matters most, or at least quite a lot,
Is how you view the suggestion.
© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. Perspective and imagination...that is what I like about you :)

  2. Schuami, thank you; Lillie also but boldly so.

    Nea: We are getting to dangerous ground here. The bird in the hand is always preferable.

    Mayden: Really, you hardly know me!


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