Wednesday, December 27, 2006

XXIII - In Absentia I

In Absentia
A villanelle.

The place they once filled is now cold and bare;
What was immutable crumbles away;
It’s hard to believe they’re no longer there.

The glint in their eyes, the smell of their hair,
The feel of their skin, the things they would say;
The place they once filled is now cold and bare

Nothing could have been done to help prepare
For the sadness destined to fill you this day.
It’s hard to believe they’re no longer there.

In the harsh light of dawn you can but stare;
What burned so bright is now shades of grey.
The place they once filled is now cold and bare

No one promised that this life would be fair
Nor did they warn they would be taken away;
It’s hard to believe they’re no longer there.

Friends look awkward and are afraid to say
It always was destined to end this way.
The place they once filled is now cold and bare
It’s hard to believe they’re no longer there.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. "Who" is not nearly so important as "what." How eloquently you write about loss, and how wonderful to see one of your poems again. With one year coming to an end and a new one beginning, looking back at the things that have slipped away seems inevitable, and this poem a fine eulogy.

  2. The irreplacableness of persons...

  3. Lillie & Percy! Los Trios Amigos! Thank you.

  4. I would be one of 'em, as I AM a bit slow of wit, but, I've found that waiting fer answers usually pays the dues.
    On the other hand, if it's none of my business, then faking knowledge is merely an exercise in futility as to whether it's this or that or something else entirely.

    However, what I DO know is, you wrote something again, and clearly tat would be a beginning of
    ....putting the past behind you....
    ....looking for new beginnings....

    any of the above
    or any of the following

    (and the list would be endless)

    It IS good to see you writing, again, and may the work of your hands heal your wounds quickly.


    (haven't been able to sign into my own blog, eh?)

  5. Thank you Boneman; you are a rare gem.

  6. This poem is quite an achievement-
    I am always awed by someone who can master a difficult form--
    but the feelings are expressed so beautifully as well...

  7. beautiful. i read it aloud. i like the repetition of particular lines. it reminds me of ... a sestina (if i am remembering poem forms correctly).

    and the accompanying picture is equally beautiful.

  8. I found your blog through Boneman.
    Your poetry is beautiful, touching and moving. Looking forward to more.

  9. AHA!

    Just t'prove I'm not a total ninny
    notice I'm here with my name all blue?
    'Course I don't really hink it's all that great an accomplishment, and probably won't impress the likes of you.

    But, it's sometimes nice t'know that friends really do have working gray matter
    'tis better than everyone thinking I'm just some mad hatter.

  10. I know not from whence you came, but I thank you for directing me here... :)

    Very emotive, sad and wonderful.

  11. Whow! Just beautifull and yet so sad.
    Cosmo, you've outdone yourself again.

  12. lovely writing it clearly came from a warm heart.


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