Tuesday, February 13, 2007

XXIV - The Unicorn.

The Unicorn

In a parallel world, where left is right
And the west displays the dawn,
Amongst the mist and morning light,
You’ll find the unicorn.

A lovely thing, a glorious sight,
It clearly rules that place.
It moves with ease between the trees,
And charms you with its grace.

As you watch her on the dewy fields
Beside the creeks, on grassy banks;
She meets your eye, then coyly yields;
A tremble stirs her flanks.

But in this place of reflective dreams
Where life is honey, cream and peach,
The unicorn is near, or so she seems,
Yet sadly out of reach.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. In the words of T.S. Eliot, "perpectual possibilities only in a world of speculation," but sometimes that is enough.

  2. Wow! I came back just in time fer poetry AND art!

    And science, too!

    "Science?" the reply from the quiet of the crowd, "...what science?"

    Strangely enough the Sun used to rise in the west and sink in the east. When was this, you may ask...

    "when was this?" they asked.

    Back when the north pole was the south pole, and that's the truth.
    The poles change every so often after big wobbles.
    Proof has been from the measuring of the rift in the Atlantic between the great continents. Once upon a time the poles were reversed from their present orientation, and before that they were as they are now, and back and forth they have been going for every since the beginning of the great trench (since that is where tyhey have gathered this info, no other theories are acceptable to this post....hey. There's proof and there's theory, but proof is oh so nice.

    However you got me to thinking.....
    Maybe that's when we DID have unicorns, eh?And when the poles flipped to where they are now, the unicorns dropt their horns.
    Perhaps when the poles switch, horses will again grow horns?

    I dunno fer sure, but, it might be helpful for getting around slow moving cars.
    You know....
    if they had horns?

    Been snowed under a bit, but, glad t'see yer return, JCosmo !

  3. Thanks Boneman. It is a very spasmodic hobby, having to jostle for space with lots of other 'stuff' in my life.

  4. the unicorn's of life, just beyond our grasp, very nicely done.

  5. I notice that the Romantic Dandy (percival) has gone to writing in Chinese.
    Dang! I can't make heads or tails out'a the words....

  6. It's a while since I've visited your site, J Cosmo Newberry and I notice that in the interim your have grown a horn!

  7. I miss you~
    This was lovely...


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