Friday, May 25, 2007

XXIX - My cup runneth over.

I have been interviewed by Lillie. I will answer the questions in reverse order so that they appear in the correct order. Lillie's Second Question: You seem a man of leisure, with abundant time for wine, women, poetry and acerbic comments. How are you able to financially support such an exotic lifestyle?
◊◊◊ I'm a kept man. To the tune of 'Jimmy Crack Corn'
When I was young I set my eyes On a master who was on the rise And hitched my wagon to his star Now I’m never short of Pinot Noir. Chorus I’m a kept man, and I don’t care. I’m a kept man, and I don’t care. I’m a kept man, and I don’t care. I’ve never paid my way. I would go with my master abroad; While he was seeking his reward I would write poetry in the bar With a fine glass of Pinot Noir Chorus Very little my master forbids I even fathered all his kids For that there was no feather or tar He blamed it on the Pinot Noir Chorus My master is so kind and giving This is the best way of making a living, It’s wondrous that its lasted this far I toast the heavens with my Pinot Noir. --- © J Cosmo Newbery ---
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  1. haha, I don't know, sounds a bit like being a pampered pooch......toss me another, glass of wine.

  2. Terrific set of interview replies, but I like this one particularly because I can sing it.


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