Sunday, May 20, 2007

XXV - A sonnet to a favourite word.

I have been interviewed by Lillie. I will answer the questions in reverse order so that they appear in the correct order. Bonus question: What is your favorite word? ◊◊◊
When I was asked for my favourite word I chose, with no trace of hesitation What I think is surely the most absurd Example in all communication. My word, you see, is quaintly double edged And most slyly deceptive from the start; Its values are perverse and coyly hedged. It firstly means divide or split apart. Straight forward enough, separate and lift. Visions come of satin, silk and leather. But calm your busom and don’t be so swift: Its second meaning is to stick together. To cut or to join, it’s hard to believe But my favourite word, of course, is ‘cleave’. --- © J Cosmo Newbery ---
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  1. Your answer comes in such sweet frame! Shall one divide, or leave the same?

  2. suddenly I am thinking of Sophia Loren.......hmmm

  3. AnonymousMay 28, 2007

    Unless there is some rule I've missed that says one may only be interviewed once, by one person interview me too please, Cosmo.

  4. Lillie’s Questions

    1. What music makes you want to dance? Does any make you want to cry?

    2. Do you accumulate the last little bits of soap bars? Or nearly finished anything?

    3. Hollywood is going to make a film about your life, who would you want to play the lead?

    4. What would you like to say to someone that you have never said to them before?

    5. Are you your mother?

    Bonus: Do you like Pinot Noir? In the unlikely that you don’t, what ingredients would you put in a cocktail of your own making?

  5. i did my questions, although, i gotta tell you, the ones you made up for lillie are so good too, it makes me want to answer those!


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