Sunday, October 25, 2009

CL - Decisions


I was sent a picture by a friend.
The man obviously has a problem, I decided to help him.
As best I can.


When it comes to etiquette
There is one thing unnerving:
That perennial problem
Of what wine to be serving.

Red wine with red meat
And white goes with fish;
Reisling suits a curry
Or a spicy Thai dish.

Port with some stilton,
Perhaps sherry to start
Moscato is now trendy
With a lemony tart.

But a trickier question
For the discerning gourmand
Is what wine to serve
With a well rounded blonde.

And what, for that matter,
Suits a dark brunette meal?
And for the fiery redhead
Is a chilled wine ideal?

There's Champagne, of course,
As a starter, well suited.
But beyond that point
The guide books are muted

If the meat is tender
And it is definitely young,
Perhaps Chardonnay, unwooded,
Will end what's begun?

But what if it's mutton,
And not lamb, as displaying,
Should I serve Merlot
And risk getting a flaying?

Perhaps I should be cautious,
But true to my star,
And just serve them all
With a fine Pinot Noir.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. I'll second that. The disappeared Cosmo returns. Hooray!

  2. he has risen!

    you can never go wrong with a pinot noir.

    another piece of genius.
    throughly enjoyed.

    well done sir.
    well done indeed.

  3. Where have you been J. Cosmo? My funny bone missed you over the past 5 months.

    Loved the poem.

    Are you as much fun to live with as you seem?

  4. A party of winos
    Now you can't really beat that!
    But, do tell, before,
    while entering, I hang my hat.

    Who is it that I must
    gratefully thank
    For serving the scrumptious 92 Cab Frank?

  5. Lovely to see you back again dear J Cosmo, and what a great piece of poetry, you always deliver the best of rhymes. ♡

  6. A fine piece of rhyming, despite delayed timing.

    Welcome back... I've missed you sooooo.

  7. The champion penner of the cosmos has returned triumphantly to write the wrongs of the galaxy again.

    Welcome back, JCN!!

  8. Welcome back! What wine should we drink when reading your work?

  9. Yoooouuuuurrr baaaack!....This will be a good day!


  10. ♥ If you bring the bottle- a lady will drink it~
    Lovely to see you :)


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