Friday, October 30, 2009

CLI - Field Report


One Minute Writer had a topic called "Alien"
"An alien visitor has been watching Earth for one year,
and now must send back a short report to its home planet.
What does the report say?"

Field Report

They lived here incognito
Studying us for a year;
Spies from a distant planet,
Exploring this new frontier.

The time had finally come
To report what they had found.
Was mankind a civilization,
And destined to hang around?

The report was not a long one,
Its conclusions fairly gruesome;
The outlook pessimistic
From this investigating twosome.

The nations are all fractious, it read
The peoples oft at odds;
Strangely, for their evolved state,
They still believe in Gods.

They rape the planet's larder
As if a barrel with no base;
They keep producing people
But are not conserving space.

They cry "it's not my problem"
They spend but no-one saves,
The future, if there is one,
Will be spent in windy caves.

The report was duly sent
On the experiment known as 'man'.
They shrugged and packed their bags,
"Come. Let's scarper while we can."

With a flicker of a whisker,
They twinkled and were not.
And their report just gathers dust
In some inner cosmic spot.

© J Cosmo Newbery
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  1. We must look like a muddled lot to such evolved researchers! Love the rhymes and all the lines....

  2. Yeah! Really! We SHOULD take the bus,
    each and everyone of us
    and just forget public cuss
    and stop worrying about who to trust.
    Else we'll all end up dust.
    (or at least covered in rust)

  3. Sobering, but apt. Must say, I was curious at your choice of inspector types. Were rodents a random choice? Not that rodents are bad. Personally, I love rodents. (Just not really big, man-eating rats.) Cockroaches, I'm not so fond of either... or spiders.

  4. Sometimes Sophia: you need to read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  5. Amazing with all our history and we still haven't learned how to live a good life collectively.


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