Saturday, July 16, 2011

CCXXXIV - In the mourning.

One Minute Writer had a topic "Loss".

In the mourning.

You won me over when we met;
Your silver tongue and golden speech
Filled me with hope, a sense that change
Was really there, within our reach.

But now in the cold and morning light,
I see that it was but lust
And not providing a warm embrace
As a loving engagement must.

Two years on and we have more wars
And Guantanamo is still supported,
Bradley rots in a solitary cell
And cluster bombs are still exported.

Desire was there for better times
But moral issues have been evaded.
Israel continues to flout the law
And sovereign countries have been invaded.

My eyes are open to what I’ve lost,
It’s tomorrow and reality is dawning;
In black, I regret what could have been
And I don’t respect you, in the mourning.

© 2011 J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. A very interesting poem dear J Cosmo, quite a mix of moral loss and disappointment with the political state of the world.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I agree with what dianne said; but I am also enthralled by the flow of the words in this poem. It begs to be read aloud. And the use of the word "mourning" is stunning.

  3. This is the most lyrical and beautiful political poem I've ever read.

    The play on mourning made it perfect.

  4. Excellent poem and I agree with ALL of the sentiments expressed.


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