Thursday, May 31, 2012

CCCVI - The Royal Wedding

.Mad Kane has a regular limerick challenge.
She provides the first line, the rest is up to us.
This one developed a life of it's own.
(Image altered to comply with the Privacy Act).

The Royal Wedding

A Prince was planning to wed
A Beauty who was sleeping, not dead.
The result of a kiss
Was a lifetime of bliss,
Or that’s what the storybooks said.
but wait...

We’re told a kiss woke up the Beauty
In truth, his breath was truly fruity.
The Princess awoke
Fearing she’d choke,
But she agreed to marry him, out of duty.

The wedding itself was a sight to behold,
The couple, both beautiful and bold.
The footmen were mice
And, cheap at the price,
While the coach was a pumpkin, of gold.

At the wedding, the guests gave a 'whoop'
When photos were shot of the group.
But once they were gone
The mice were moved on
And the pumpkin was turned into soup.

Time went by and their life grew boring,
The Princess turned her hand to restoring
The castle and moat,
Giving them a coat
Of paint and then replacing the flooring.

But when it came to nature’s call,
The Princess had no love at all.
She ignored his petition
For some friendly coition
And insisted he sleep down the hall.

One day he realised what lay ahead
(And it truly filled him with a dread)
When he woke with fright,
In the middle of the night,
To find seven dwarfs were sharing his bed.

“My dear”, he said, “I think it creepy
(No, there’s no point getting weepy)
I do not like the way,
At the breaking of the day,
I wake up Grumpy, feeling Sleepy.”

The Princess said that he was being mean
And packed her bags and fled from the scene.
He can’s say he missed her,
For he married her sister,
Who was quite ugly but terribly keen.

© 2012   J Cosmo Newbery

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  1. lol! The last line was pure J Cosmo brilliance!

    You, sir, have a way with limericks.

  2. You are the master.
    I can do Haiku easily and so know what it is like to have the words flow. But the limerick is beyond my command, I fear.

  3. AnonymousJune 01, 2012


  4. haha fun story telling through the limericks...that was rather humorous too...i hope to never wake up to dwarves in my

  5. Cosmo - only you can make sleeping with dwarfs funny!


  6. I do love your twist on these familiar fairy tales.
    I reckon he should of married the ugly sister to begin with.


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