Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CDIII - A Lady of Whips

Poets United asks us to think of shades of grey,
of the graduations between, say, pleasure and pain.

There was a young lady of whips
Who drew screams from her clientele’s lips:
But the result of her applied whacks
Was a pleasurable climax
So they paid her, as well as left tips.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2012

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  1. Well, JC, I would this was an eye opener this morning as I sat half asleep sipping my coffee. LOL. I'd say she was good at her 'work.'

  2. You certainly pushed it towards the charcoal gray filter, lol.
    I almost spit my coffee out!
    Whoa! Well, I did say you could go there-and you did! You brought it with rhyme :D

    1. I pleasure, Ella, a pleasure. One one that didn't hurt, I hope.

  3. I'm drinking my wine and enjoying catching up on your blog :-)

  4. You are a master... no pun intended.

  5. Nice to hear of a sucessful woman. Thank you.

  6. Nice one! Shades of gray moves to shades of shiny black leather

  7. There was a young lady of whips
    Who was embarrassed by the quips
    That her act resembled fifty shades of grey
    She pleaded she wasn’t an easy lay
    But she couldn’t control her swaying hips

  8. I do not envisage her as the girl for you Cosmo.
    All this screaming and carry on can only lead to tears


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