Monday, February 25, 2013

CDLXXI - False Prophets

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #97) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are: 

discipline, pieces, stealing, heroic, moment, fly, 
prophets, limits, gazing, patience, tears, sublime

False Prophets

Stealing the right to be content,
With both their book and sword,
There are no limits to how they try
To draw more folk aboard.

Gazing up, they wait the moment
When word comes from their Lord
And like the ‘lost boys’ they will fly
To their sublime reward.

Heroically viewed by their peers,
The discipline is strong;
The pieces of their text renew
The commitment of the throng.

And so they shed their salty tears
And sing their patient songs
But every day the sun breaks through
To prove these prophets wrong.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013
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  1. I love it when they predict the end of the world and sell all their possessions and go sit on a mountaintop and wait for the rapture, then have to come all the way back down in the dark and the think there isn't a little cursing going on despite all the false piety?

  2. I enjoyed the poem very much, and love Timo's comment in response:-)

  3. Amazing ... this is strong and honest !!!

  4. I think you missed 'heroic'.

  5. Witty truth here. I like the reference to Peter Pan's never growing up and to the crocodile tears. And which world do they look for reward in? People are re-won daily, but not, thank God, the sun.

  6. Yeah...there were no 14 virgins a-waiting their arrival! What a disappointment!

  7. I enjoyed this poem very much dear J Cosmo,a really good use of these words. I know a false prophet or two, they go about espousing their religion and how we should all care for each other, then they do as they please, hurt you irreparably, they are such hypocrites.
    Loved Timoteo's comment.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. ...Nothing I can do about it, so I might as well enjoy each moment of each day and let time do its thing. Very well done with a word list!

  9. Ah yes - false prophets! The trick is to stick with one's own beliefs of doing the right thing.

  10. Great job with the word list. I enjoyed this.

  11. And thank goodness (or something)that they are proved wrong. I do not think I could cope with the smugness of their rejoicing (assuming I am alive to see it).

  12. I like the rhythm you've created with the syllable count and your rhyming is very satisfying.

  13. Always a good thing when the sun keeps breaking through!

  14. lol - you're so deft with your impeccable rhyming and incorporating words you would think would present a problem, J Cosmo!

  15. You so eloquently state what many of us internally whisper. Well done!

  16. There's a good living to be made by 'prophets'. I think that's the main reason they do it. I remember listening to them on the radio as a kid (wireless as it was back then) and thinking that they sounded like they were selling washing powder. It sounded most insincere to my child's ears, and still does.

  17. This is a most satisfying piece of writing to read.


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