Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ducking the Liebster!

Chhavi Vatwani very sweetly gave me a Liebster Award.  These things are not really my thing but I thought I would answer the associated questions:

What made you start your blog?
The need to put an impertinent upstart called Percy Bysshe Silly in his place.  Failed miserably and then couldn’t stop.

What does this award mean to you?
I’m flattered but am not really one for awards.  I get much more pleasure from honest comments.  Every so often I put up a poem that is not linked to any hub, just to see how many people find it.  Usually four.  Five, if you count me making my Mum read it.

What is your favourite candy?
Sesame Snaps.

What do you read? 

Your favourite book?
No one favourite.  Very fond of Terry Pratchett’s books.

Link and/or photo of the perfume you currently wear.
Do you really want a picture of Pesto Sauce?  Really?

A sweet happy memory from your childhood.
They are all sweet.  Bad things happened but, thankfully, I don’t remember them.

Four favourite poetry/blogging communities/hubs you visit often.

  • Three Word Wednesday,
  • Poets United,
  • dVerse ,
  • Sunday Scribblings ,
  • Theme Thursday,
  • Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, 
  • Maths for Poets.

A childhood dream that you'd like to accomplish.
Miss Caldecott in Prep School but the age difference remains insurmountable.

Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you like to play you?
Liza Minnelli

Book or a movie?
Book.  They have the inestimable virtue of not having a clod eating popcorn beside me.

You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain would you be?!
The Big Bad Wolf.

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  1. I've never read "Spasmodically"...can you please tell who wrote it, and where, perhaps, I could find it?

    Yes...I can see Liza playing you...the young she was in "Caberet". I can clearly see you in that little black outfit, cane and fedora, Dora!

  2. However...*sob* I am deeply the core...stabbed through my heart that you didn't include my blog amongst your favourites! *sob*

    Oh! Woe is me! I may never recover from the slight! *sob, double sob!*

    1. And is your blog a "poetry/blogging communities/hubs"? Mmmm?

    2. And where's the mention of The Pole Dancer's Collective?

    3. times I have posted my own poetry and I am part of the blogging community! I'm still weeping! ;)

  3. Just Googled Terry Pratchett. I think I'm going to like reading him. And seriously? Pesto Sauce?! Lol, I so agree with the peaceful no popcorn eating clod beside you while reading a book thing. :D

  4. lol - maybe it was a lucky thing for Miss Caldecott that it was an insurmountable issue! ;)

    Pesto sauce? lol!

  5. Enjoyed this. I avoided the Liebster. I suppose I should say something, but I am really not one for awards either. Sigh. I am a 'spasmodic' reader too!

  6. Interesting point about posts only being commented on if attached to a community poetry blogsite. I think 4 devoted readers is good. Do you think you could make your Mum read mine too? That would make two from the same family...

  7. Oh good - I so love playing little red riding hood .....!
    Amusingly pithy.


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