Monday, March 11, 2013

CDLXXVI - The Curtain

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #99) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are: 

paint, use, sprees, outsider, away, fearsome, 
part, reserves, body, intimate, written, window

In writing this, I was thinking of all intolerances:
racial, religious, political, sexual, even football fans.

The Curtain

Why is an outsider fearsome,
Demonising the unknown?
Why paint the unfamiliar 
As best if left alone?

The press just thrives on panic sprees
To make us shy away
From thoughts of being intimate
With those with different traits.

Why do we believe what is written,
Afraid to use our mind?
Timid and behind a window,
Scared to part the blind.

The reserves of the human race
Show great diversity.
If we joined this larger body,
How much richer would we be?

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013
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  1. Fear of the unknown, and misunderstanding, create havoc in the world. How dull life would be if we all were the same. Well written.

  2. We would certainly be richer in unity !!!

  3. I think there must be a missing gene or something to fear irrational things such as colour,language,customs and eating habits. The list is endless. I only we could say "Vive la difference" to everything that didn't hurt the other.

  4. oh yes, moral panic is addictive and the press feeds on it.

  5. Pow! Great sequence of rhetorical questions, leading us to where I believe we should be-richer by far from joining the human race!

  6. Fear of the unknown restricts us, if we allow it. Throw the curtains aside; join the excitement!

  7. It is not easy to let go of fear, especially when you are concerned about the safety of your own self or your loved ones. Typecasting is an easy, though grossly unfair, way to completely avoid entire chunks of potentially "dangerous people" (as defined by society or media or what have you). In the process, as you rightly point out, one is sure to miss getting to know some amazing human beings and having some enriching life experiences.

    Sadly, man's depravity is making us ever more fearful. Can we ever get over it? I hope someday we do.

  8. Yes, fear is a difficult condition. It makes us question everything!
    Well done with the prompt :D

  9. Only one way to find out!

  10. One of our most primary urges is the one to belong, be a part of the group, a member. That is why we seek a likeness in those around us, it gives us (often wrongly) a sense of safety and security. We and all of that are threatened by anyone who is different, because they force us deep inside to know that we can not always belong. Very thoughtful and provocative write,


  11. A lot of wisdom in this, Cosmo. Well done.


  12. I like this part best:

    "Why do we believe what is written,
    Afraid to use our mind?
    Timid and behind a window,
    Scared to part the blind."


  13. Oh this is quite lovely, Cosmo. And even more so by your word incorporation. You make it look so easy and effortless. Have you ever written a poem and realized you forgot a word from the list / had to erase / go back and re-write a stanza or two??

    curious me :)

    1. Yes, in "False Prophets" I left out 'heroic'. It had been in but was edited out accidentally in the polishing stage.

    2. Oh, and Sancho Panza pointed out the ommission. So I fixed it.

  14. That just about covers it, I reckon!

  15. Evolutionary biology often holds the key to human behaviour, and to me this goes back to our origins as small tribes/clans and defined territories. Outsiders meant competition and most likely danger. We have 10's (100's?) of thousands of years of history on this and it takes our genes a while to catch up.


  16. Remember the old newspaper editors' credo: If it bleeds, it leads. Horrible.

    We've had thousands of years and, oh, things like conversation and education to help us recognize the rich diversity of our planet. If folks cling to their comfort zones (like my sisters: All-Anglo, conservative neighborhoods), they reflect their own fears. It's a shame. Also, the idea that LGBTs, mentally ill folks like myself, and anyone with distinct racial characteristics must apologize for what they are... I love Bjork's song, "Human Behavior," and it's reflected in this. Thanks, Cos, for telling it like it is! Good for you. Peace, Amy

  17. So philosophical and so true, J Cosmo. What exactly ARE we afraid of?

  18. This is excellent.

  19. A very powerful question!


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