Monday, March 25, 2013

CDLXXXVII - Future Imperfect

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #101) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:  

disguised, forgotten, country, hurry, tree, wound, 
mind, sand, stirred, jar, across, yesterday

Future Imperfect

We let yesterday control us,
Determine who we are;
Our mind’s forgotten how to try
To look forward very far.

The future’s always disguised thus,
Avoiding wounds that scar,
Like a pretty little butterfly
Kept safely in a jar.

It is a very scary place,
A country that is vast,
The sands of time, once they are stirred,
Fall, relentless and too fast.

And should we find a tree through space,
That can lead across, if asked,
We grasp the safety of the herd,
And head down, hurry past.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Keeping to the plan doesn't always allow for any further exploration. That is sad, but true for so many,


  2. You always do such a masterful job using these words, J Cosmo. You're right - we don't to see the future and so often want to ignore our past.

  3. Wonderful rhythm to this, J Cosmo. Well done. This is exactly why I live in the present moment, I used to worry about the past and the future. I know now I can only learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them, and I have absolutely no control over the future. It makes life less complicated that way.


  4. Oh, the 'safety of the herd,' it's really a herd of lemmings, isn't it? Cos, you wove that Wordle into food for thought. I used to cling to a horrible past, let it drag me down like an anchor, all the while worrying about the future. Now the past is a series of balloons floating about for my inspection - and I usually ignore them until writing! The future? Who cares, since I've been assured of burning in Hell, ha ha ha.

    Somehow a vision of the Vietnam Vet Memorial flew in front of my eyes as I read this. All those futures now lying in the past, you know? Excellent writing, my friend. Amy

  5. great. clever use of ' jar'. I love the image of the pretty little butterflies.

  6. Oh, Cos... I know you welcome constructive advice... perhaps changing "pretty little" butterflies to something like "precious"? Unless you wanted your butterflies to be a little too sweet? Just a thought. I know it would mess with your meter, but it's an idea I thought worth exploring. I only mention things like this to poets I like a lot! Peace. A

  7. I agree, we do too often focus on the wrong direction—looking back when we should be looking forward. I fear I fall prey way to often to the here-and-now than either the past or future.

  8. "The sands of time, once they are stirred,
    Fall, relentless and too fast."

    I'm afraid that these words resonate all too loudly with me. I received word Sunday night that a dear friend had died suddenly and unexpectedly Saturday morning. Like the sands, she fell much too fast.

    A Dozen Whirls

  9. So very true and well written.

  10. Thank you. Almost painfully true. And living in the moment isn't easy either...

  11. Beautifully written dear J Cosmo and so true.
    xoxoxo ♡

  12. that opening stanza grabbed my attention and reeled me in! If only we could move forward without the past holding us back!

  13. was the safety of the herd that grabbed me in this....and in that we lose our identity and sadly a bit of destiny as true on how we let the past define us as well....

  14. There are some things, events, issues from one's past one does hold on to...some are good; some are bad.

    A moment in time from my past revisited me earlier this week (which is now in the past)...and I loved and enjoyed its visit!

  15. A great read, with wonderful rhythm and pace.

  16. Excellent weaving of words ~ The opening lines caught my attention right away ~

  17. Ah, Lao says something like: to live in the past is depression, to live in the future, anxiety. To live in the present is to experience bliss. Another great sage, I forget who, says we walk backward thru time, aware of the past, peripherally aware of the present and blind to the future. I too, would love to find a tree to take me into my/our uncertain future.

  18. To manage my Epilepsy I have adapted a pretty strict schedule when to eat, when to exercise, when to sleep, when to clean and while it has helped keep my healthy and keep my stress down I sometimes feel like I am not living life to the fullest, like life has lost a certain spark and spontaneity. Everyday is very much the same and I get so caught up surviving I forget about my dreams. Nothing whatever can be done to make my personality blend in with the mainstream though haha So many ways people get stuck, balance is not easy!


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