Saturday, April 06, 2013

CDXCIII - We Came With Hope

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #103) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:  

merge, project, activate, technology, unity, mantra, 
smudge, sing, delicious, inquisitive, urge, stellar

We Came With Hope
Found on an unruled quarto sheet, 
tied to a brick, in low earth orbit.

We came with hope but found you young,
Not ready to join in.
You need a peaceful unity 
Before membership can begin.

The wider stellar network
Urge you work as one:
Be inquisitive, not aggressive,
Is the mantra of the sun.

The warlike pose that you project
Is a smudge upon your card;
All we ask is a civilised stance
And compliance isn’t hard.

To activate you membership
And merge into our ranks
Use technology for the common good
And make wind-chimes from your tanks.

Until the prospect of what we have
Is more delicious than bloodshed,
We’ll leave fighting futile fights,
Singing anthems to your dead.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Ouch. Sadly, I suspect this is true. If there is intelligent life out there - I think they would probably give us a wide berth. You can add soiling our own sand-box to the list of sins we commit as well.

  2. Be inquisitive, not aggressive. This has always been how I've tried to live my life.
    If there is intelligent life out there, we're a cosmic joke as a species, I fear.

    1. I hope my comment doesn't duplicate--the server went down and I hit publish a couple of times before I realized it.

  3. I think this is a very clever summation of the state of the world and even cleverer use of the wordle words.

  4. They say we live and learn... most just live... more just survive.

  5. Amazing how you used the words! "Use technology for the common good" - such a simple idea, but would be so powerful if followed!

  6. J Cosmo, you used all the words in this wonderfully cohesive piece, salute to you!


  7. This is fabulous work! I love the message, and wish it was internalized by all humans. Thanks.

  8. Cos, you got me with this one. As Adam said, those who may be watching us from afar are either laughing at us or trying to figure out what to do about us.

    Your "The Day The Earth Stood Still" plotline is perfect. Next time, put the Wordle words at the bottom, because if you hadn't reminded me off the bat, I never would have noticed. And that's the best compliment a Wordler can get! Amy

    1. Thanks Amy, much appreciated. It is my goal to make the Wordle words unobtrusive and unforced. Some weeks are better than others!

  9. hey i am all for making wind chimes of tanks...ha...but i do like hte message of your verse...

  10. Very nicely done -- great rhyme for an actually imaginable message from visitors.
    Arthur C Clark in "Childhood's End" does make it necessary for humans to change their ways, but only to evolve into something different than humans, which, unfortunately, sounds more likely then your suggestion. :-)

  11. " Use technology for the common good
    And make wind-chimes from your tanks."

    my two favourite lines

    much love...


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