Sunday, April 14, 2013

CDXCIX - I wish I was a Bonobo

I love the expression on the female.

I wish I was a Bonobo.

Gorillas, I’m told,
Are sexually cold,
And only engage for the off-spring.

Run tyrannies
Where rape and crime are oft king.

Bonobos however
Are locked together
In all manner of sexual flings.

Oh, I wish I was a Bonobo,
The happiest of the apes;
Every day, in every way,
They have sex of any shape.
Some may say it’s pagan,
The way that they employ it,
But I think the Bonobo’s got it right,
Life’s too short, enjoy it.

© J Cosmo Newbery 2013

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  1. Ha ha - nice slant on monkey business!

  2. Wonder where humans fit on this scale - although I would say we display aspects of all of the above. Perhaps we should all move toward the bonobo end of the spectrum, we might all be a bit less stressed :-)

  3. Ah, so you are going to ape the Bonobo. So to speak.

  4. Having their flexibility would be nice ..

  5. Bet Mrs Cosmo wishes you were one too!

  6. Ha, ha, this is brilliant. Great fun. I so enjoyed it.

  7. Bonobos are the way to go!

  8. Of the three, this seems the only choice!

  9. I don't wanna be a bonobo
    please don't make me be a bonobo
    I don't know what I wanna be
    but I don't wanna be a bonobo
    And also I don't wanna be a yobbo!

  10. Holly Tannen sings her own “I Wanna Be a Bonobo” song:

    I created an (illustrated!) PDF of Holly’s song:


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