Sunday, October 19, 2014

765 - The Psychic

Sunday Whirl (Wordle #183) presents a list of words
that we must incorporate in a writing piece.  

The words this week are:
shine, crazy, diamond, martyr, seer, secret,
laughter, prisoner, childhood, steel, stranger, shadow

The Psychic

She sat quietly, reflectively.
She could see what was coming.
Around her a small crowd had gathered.

A man, a farmer, speaks up: 
“Tell us", he asks, "of the seasons.”

The sun will shine but ever more so,
The earth will crack and dry;
Even shadows will be crisp and hot,
The crops will wilt and die.

The crowd murmured anxiously,
Unhappy with her words.
A woman asked 
“Will there be wealth?”

You will have enormous wealth,
Diamonds, gold and silken thread,
But none of this will feed you,
And you’ll die both rich and underfed.

The woman called her crazy 
And stormed away in pain,
While a nervous laughter 
Rippled through the crowd.

A soldier stepped forward.  
“And what of us, defenders of the realm?”

She was quiet a while before she spoke.

You are a martyr to another’s dream,
A pawn on a checkered board;
It’s no secret that you are used
For the benefit of our lords.

A small child then asked, nervously
“What of me?  What do you see for me?”

Your childhood is an illusion
Your future even more so;
You will forever be a prisoner 
To the will of the status quo.

Finally, a stranger to the village spoke up.
“Is there anything to give us hope?”

She looked at him blankly before saying:

Will the people steel themselves
To take control of their daily things?
Will they tackle the issues
And bear the pain this brings?

Probably not, 
she added, underneath her breath.

The crowd, unhappy with the message,
Regardless of its truth,
Then beat the seer to death.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. Ah yes...oh wise poet...the truth is far too hard to hear...thankfully in blogland no angry villagers can beat you to death (hopefully)

  2. I followed you along in this fantastical tale - with serious currently geo-political implications until the very end where you brought me to a smile. Wonderful work

  3. The seer's fate is one that has been repeated throughout history. Excellent write.

  4. Unfortunately for that wise seer, no one likes a know-it-all :-) Really enjoyed this tale.

  5. Sad commentary on current times underscores this work, JCosmo. Thank you for adding your voice, casting light with your words.

  6. Well done, JCosmo. I was not expecting that ending.


  7. No one likes to hear the truth, unless it squares with their fantasies.

  8. Whshoo. I love this cautionary tale/fable! Giving it a nursery rhyme makes the surprise end most effective.

  9. quite interesting perspective on the truth. it does cast that shadow that hovers over us whilst we have those that throw a veil of further darkness upon this shadow.

    gracias for sharing your creative voice

  10. Shoot the messenger.. it has always been that way.. very good narration...

  11. I like this.

  12. Love the expression "prisoner
    To the will of the status quo." ~ Ah, this poem so fatally negative...Then otherwise by your words, to live in illusion world just the right choice....

  13. Sometimes the truth does not set us free the way we expect. Great writing JCosmo! :-)

  14. That's a vivid, engaging poem. I like the rhyming bits mixed in with the dialogue.

  15. Love that ending! The truth shall set you free? Really?

  16. Opps, maybe she should have lie, especial to the kid. That she could give him some hope.

  17. I like the way you worked this.

  18. … No way was this going to be a happy ending. Well done.

  19. Truth, people don't like to hear it and often want to punish the bearer of it. Great write

  20. The bearer not the instigator gets the brunt of it! A pity one who is knowledgeable gets the far end of the stick as the truth hurts! Wonderful write Cosmo!



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