Wednesday, October 29, 2014

766 - Yes, I Remember.

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: blood, cripple and lurk.

Yes, I remember.

In Canberra, 
There is only one show,
A blood sport above all others, 
Where socially crippled MPs,
Spawned from unwed mothers,
Debate dull matters 
Like state decrees.
You can’t really call it work.
As soft and cushy jobs go,
It’s a pretty good lurk.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014
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  1. A country member, right?

  2. An easy job in any country...bunch off toffs and Dimwits...mind you I wouldn't risk jogging past the PM here...poor guy is probably locked up by now

  3. politicians, I'm not sure it's easy work you're darned f you do and darned if you don't. But they can sure make the populace angry

  4. Who knows all the details....

  5. Your sardonic piece makes me smile!

  6. They appear to be a familiar grouping. It is more or less similar to our lawmakers. Great lines Cosmo!


  7. a different view...:)

  8. It's not so different in Ottawa. Inane as all get out, really. With politicians, twas ever thus (je pense).

    Peace and joy, JC.

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