Friday, November 21, 2014

769 - Our Country

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: fiery, notorious and toxic.

Our Country

There’s the fear of snakes and spiders,
And all the nasty things,
Like Portuguese ‘Men of War’,
With their paralyzing stings.

And the fear of red-back spiders
Beneath the toilet seat
They make ablutions a fraught affair—
To dump and then retreat.

I shun the toxic mushrooms
And the notorious Great White shark,
Or the crocodiles that can be found
Within our national parks.

I dread to meet with bull-ants,
Or the wasps, whose sting is rotten,
And Sea Urchins who sound so sweet,
But once met are not forgotten.

There's drab and oil-filled eucalypts
All crispy in the sun,
Waiting for that wayward spark
To let the firestorm run.

But for all the noxious wildlife,
And the fiery dispositions,
The things that scare me most of all
Are our right-wing politicians.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. What about News Limited journalists?

  2. interesting...thanks!

  3. Such a descriptive and accurate poem about our country. I was talking about eucalyptus leaves today and how easily they ignite in bush fires.The weather here has been atrocious recently, no wonder the English sent convicts here as a punishment.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. You and me both, JC.

    Peace and joy!

  5. The pollies have clearly forgotten about the French Revolution in 1789. It amazes me they can't learn from history.

  6. Perhaps you could leave the 'o' out of country?

  7. yes they are the most fearsome, politiicans

  8. Sounds like my country ..

  9. haha you just named all the things that freak me out when I visit Australia!

  10. wildlife can be fascination and scary at the same time. extra precaution is needed.

    and the world is filled with people just like these scary beings ...

  11. "Nice" twist at the end that left me with a wry smile

  12. Ha love that twist in the end.. Very clever..

  13. yeah...they are the worst of the lot...seems you've been to my country.. :)

  14. All manner of things to fear for sure. As Pearl said, quite a twist at the end. I think those red-back spiders under toilet seats would freak me!

  15. I am not a fan of crawly critters, nor of right-wing politicians. I do not know what frightens me most.

  16. Oh I LOVED this.......the fraught moments in fear of the red back spider paling in comparison to right wing wing politicians. I hear you, and I raise you a right wing prime minister, drunk with power, which is terrifying indeed.

  17. Well written, very sound advise of what to fear.

  18. Good fun this, terrifically well set up - I was reading all the while wondering what the punch line would be and was happy when I got there... Great! With Best Wishes Scott

  19. a cuppa scares, nice write;
    have a good Sunday

    much love...

  20. those are indeed scary. a great list of animals that are naturally scary. :)

  21. COS! Excellent. I knew where this was going when I saw the fin, and as I went through the list of scaries, I could hear "buh-DUH! buh-DUH!" music in the background, ha ha.

    People dump on me for being too political sometimes (especially my family), but I say, get all nasty-ass political and I'll keep coming back for more! Also, the spider and the shark being the prelude for the POLS was great.

    Finally, congrats on Men-of-War. Correct usage, always extra points. We used to carry A-1 Sauce in our beach gear in Bermuda - the best thing to pour on a stinger to disengage, and I have no idea why! Peace and a bit of trepidation over a Republican Congress, Amy

  22. LOL living in Australia Melbourne I couldn't agree with you more - the politicians are far more scary than our wild life! ^_^

  23. Hahaha. This is amazing!

  24. I love the flow and dark humor in this. I agree with the politicians part, only I tend to feel that way about most of them, not just the right-wingers. Maybe I'm too jaded or cynical. :) Great poem.

  25. And what I fear most are our left-wing politicians...and the biased ABC. :)

    1. Yes, very serious. There's nothing left-wing about me, Cosmo. I thought you would've known long before now.

      People's memories are very short. Who got the budget into the deficit? The same mob who always do! I sure as hell would hate to see Bill Shorten as PM....he'd be worse than Gillard and Rudd combined!

      I've always been a Conservative voter and I always will be.

    2. And, furthermore, Lee...even my left leg and left arm are right! :)

    3. I prefer a Government that treats people fairly and recognises that science has some truth to it.

  26. I cant agree with you more...
    It is said that it is animal's instinct to attack us because they do it to protect themselves...
    But what is the problem wit politicians? Aren't they human?



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