Saturday, December 06, 2014

770 - Corrupting a Miner

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: compact, jubilant, and neglected.

Corrupting a Miner
Deathbed confessions of Mr Faust, Industrialist.

“There’s something I neglected to tell you;
It’s a trifling little thing,
But you probably need to know of it,
Before the death bells ring.

I made a compact with the Devil
And traded off my soul,
And in return he gave to me 
Vast reserves of coal.

I dug it up and shipped it out
As is an owner’s right.
The shareholders were all jubilant 
And danced into the night.

There were those who whinged about the smoke
And the supposed nasty fumes,
But they, like me, could have moved away
To a house of twenty rooms.

But now I’ve reach my twilight time
I feel a slight remorse:
If I’d dug it up twice as fast,
I’d die twice as rich, of course.

There’s a consequence of my actions,
Which gave the Devil mirth,
Having sold my soul for eternity,
I’ve bequeathed you Hell on Earth.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2014

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  1. I suspect the remorse is very slight. Very slight indeed.

  2. nice and interesting !

  3. Sigh! he man responsible for most of the world's air pollution. Having sold his soul, it didn't matter to him.

  4. a very slight remorse yes... there's always so many what ifs.. our deeds speak volumes

  5. The poem is a delight however the mirror we look into as we read it is less palatable. Owners, miners, consumers we are all guilty,sadly; as we are so ephemeral.

  6. The realization my be at a late stage but at least it is verbalized. There is still the compassion in the man! Great lines Cosmo!


  7. i like the dark tone, and the play with the title.
    realization may be a little late but at least he was able to reflect on it before closing his eyes.

  8. And we are feeling that hell every day....really loved how you wrote this devilish verse using those 3 words...very well done indeed!

  9. Nice twist with Faust...sad reality.Late realization...

  10. If even the miner needed to sell his soul for this I wonder about the owner... indeed he might leave for hell, but also given hell to earth...

  11. A "slight remorse" indeed. Well done, Cosmo - and I love your new banner!

  12. Love, love this--and yes, very slight!

  13. A not funny Funny! I have to share this! (Small typo in the 4th verse.)

  14. This one stings. Yes some have sold their souls and maybe created hell. Good poem.

  15. Very nice... I am glad that he knew the outcome of his deeds and actions.


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