Saturday, January 17, 2015

777 - Modest Ambitions

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: modest, distracted, and genuine.

Modest Ambitions

A modest little man 
In a modest little house
Had a modest little job
And a modest little spouse.

Early every morning
He would tumble from his bed
Shave his prickly face
And leave to earn his bread.

The little modest man
Had a genuine desire
To move to Moonee Ponds
And comfortably retire.

Moonee Ponds was fabled
As a land of milk and honey,
Gladioli grew there abouts
Though the water tasted funny.

The little modest man
Toiled throughout the day
Never distracted by the thought
That his dream was far away.

The little modest man
Shuffled off his mortal coil
They had his ashes scattered
Upon his longed for soil.

But the little modest spouse
Of the little modest geezer
Banked the insurance cheque
And moved to Indonesia.
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015

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  1. I feel like I will end up going through this process some day. I still live with my mother and it seems kind of strange for someone my age, but today's market is so hard to make it through on your own. Most people need to work three jobs or more in order to make a proud living. I like the aspect of traveling somewhere new, and being able to live there for a while though. Nice little poem with a catchy little tune.

  2. Where she lived a far from modest life. And all power to her.

  3. Ah.. I think the modesty of a life-insurance can make dreams come true :-)

  4. Ha ha ha, I might take Indonesia over Moonee Ponds, too!

  5. yes , the virtues of modesty

  6. Hahaha! This straight arrow of a life has some neat curves in it!

  7. Well Moonee Ponds is pretty average (Everage) isn't it?

  8. It's always the quiet ones! But you have to have a dream... ;)

  9. A catchy little exploit and such a hilarious contemplation. Great lines Cosmo!


  10. You can never predict life and the heart is always changing. Very Interesting.

  11. i was enjoying the poem and then the last paragraph appear. i was scared for a while. thanks for this :-)

  12. Ha, some things cannot be predicted!

  13. ha. well at least she had enough compassion to give him most of her life eh?
    and once he was gone..what did you expect..her just to si there? smiles.

  14. fun read... too bad he couldn't enjoy it... some are like that

  15. This reads like a fable but the reader must acknowledge the satirical truth you show.

  16. Ouch! Isnt this the truth??!! The photo is amazing. I remember when women wore dresses and high heels to do housework (I never did though). My grandparents lived in a modest little house, and grandma would have tea parties in the afternoon, the women all in hats and gloves........she referred to my grandpa as Mr Marr in conversation to those not in the family, her entire life, and addressed her best friend as Mrs --. Maybe too formal, but now everything is too casual.

  17. Delightfully fluent and amusing - with a truth within it too - Great Cosmo... With Best Wishes Scott

  18. hahaha funny... but that's the way it goes! Let that be a lesson...

  19. And that is why I retired at 56...I have seen too many of these modest men and women never make it to their longed for soil...really loved the rhythm and rhyme.

  20. Sic transit gloria mundi. Witty little poem, though; such fun.

    See you in the spring — er, um, autumn to you. Now, back to hibernating.

  21. Therein lies a tale....


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