Saturday, March 07, 2015

"I may be gone a while..."

In the late '70s to mid '90s, I wrote to companies,
poking the finger of scorn at their advertisements
and published the letters and the answers here.

In the mid '90s until the early 2000s,
I wrote letters to Nigerian conmen
and published the letters and the answers here.

From 2006 until recently,
I wrote various poems.
You know where they are.

My muses are no longer what they were.
My recent writings here have been forced,
heavy and unsatisfying.

Time to move on,
Time to write something else.

Thank you, all of you,
It's been fun.


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  1. Yes, I do understand. Best of luck to you.

  2. When our hearts are no longer into it, it is time to start anew. We have all been there.

  3. Thank you for the gift you have given us.
    I hope your muse finds you again.

  4. Good luck tracking down that elusive muse. I know how stubborn she can be.

  5. Can I have your horse?

  6. oh sure... I would see a different perspective on this.
    File this under maybe, maybe not.......
    Rekindle the fires of family and friends, enjoying what you may, still dreaming for that's how all writers think--in dreams.
    And one day you spark a new idea without realizing it. It's funny, it's adventurous, it's downright zany.
    But for some reason or other, you like what you think then, and, well...let's see what it looks like in prose, or maybe in a short story group (I wouldn't give up my Dancing With Thieves for just anybody. Lent out only once...and to a fan of yours, actually. She returned it with laughing tear marks in the margin) but your write it out. and you look at it for a few days. then you hit POST and turn away quickly...but you come back in a week or so to see how it was received. And you're on again.
    Might take a few months.
    Might take a year or more.
    well... Like I said...file it under maybe, maybe not....

  7. Your kindness, caring and insight has always been a blessing.
    Be well. Be happy.

  8. I understand how you feel dearest Cosmo, circumstances in life change us sometimes and we have to reflect for a while.
    It has been a great pleasure to read your amazing poems over the years, perhaps you will come back refreshed and inspired one day, until then and always take care and he happy.
    Thank you for your kindness, friendship and guidance, you are a great man.
    Love, Dianne xoxoxo ♡

  9. I don't like the sound of this. You will be missed. So please don't leave us for long. Over the years you've become a valued blogger friend of until we meet again, take good care. :)

  10. The best generals knew the value of tactical retreats. I hope your journey is circular and you return to this place and 'know it for the first time.'

  11. You have delighted many in this space including me. You are loved. You will be missed. xxx

  12. Did that post?
    "What if I get a friend to do the washing?"
    Just make sure your friend Margaret is wearing a toss away swimsuit so if the paint ruins it, she can just toss it away to Goodwill or similar service.
    Live Long and Prosper.
    (He wouldn't mind me borrowing that)


  13. Oh, I'll miss your wit and humour! Good luck with your future writing.

  14. Hopefully not with as much permanence as Captain Oates...but, yes sometimes a change is as good as a rest!

  15. Ah yes, I do understand. All the best to you!

  16. Oh boo hoo, I was thinking of you this week and just now discovered this. Take a break, regenerate and I hope the poems start to flow again and you'll be back....I found my writing was very uninspired towards the end of winter - the greyness just shriveled my spirit....however I challenged myself to do a poem a day in April, to give my muse a kick in the butt and it is working, things are flowing again. So I do hope you will be back as I love your poetry! When you come back, we'll do an update interview and you can tell us what fascinating things you did on your break. Smiles. Take care, Cosmo.

  17. No! No! No! No! No!
    As lame as I am, I would sadly miss you!


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