Saturday, September 05, 2015

820 - Undeserved.

Three Word Wednesday requires participants
to use the three words of the week in a composition.
The words this week were: amusing, deeply, elastic.


They find the game is amusing—
To wedge, divide and win.
Our leaders would have us believe
Their cold and heartless spin.

While the tactics they are using
Are wearing a little thin,
Few wear their hearts upon their sleeve,
They’re men of straw and tin.

Their responses are elastic,
To sell the party’s tricks.
Deeply we know we have been fooled
But still the bullshit sticks.

The pains of the world are drastic,
With much we need to fix.
So how have we come to be ruled
By such heartless, bloody pricks?
© J Cosmo Newbery 2015
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  1. If this heart rending photo does not move the citizens of the world to open their hearts and help, the WHOLE world is doomed to isolation, self interest and ultimate destruction.
    On the other hand , if we share and care are we not all the richer as love builds and hate destroys.

  2. This image is heartbreaking, poor little Angel, such a needless and senseless death. So true as Anonymous has written "love builds and hate destroys", surely the world is large enough to share.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I wish I knew.
    I really, really wish that we could see the world as a community. Only us, no 'them'.
    And my snarkier self would like the heartless pricks to experience a smidgeon of what the people they so successfully demonise have gone through...

  4. Because it all about them and their thinking of the next election and how it can be won. There is no compassion only a calculated plan to butter the electorate up just before voting day.

  5. Totally agree, but public outrage wears out soon and the wars continue to rage and arms continue to be manufactured. It's just a pathetic vicious cycle that there doesn't seem to be a way out of, and meanwhile the innocent wash up on our beaches. Sad.

  6. So true and so sad. A wonderful poem.

  7. True..."They’re men of straw and tin." the line conjures up the image of TS Eliot's Hollow Men.. ....

  8. Yes indeed...pricks are so hard to dislodge from is a pity they don't have to try fighting for their lives in a dinghy then they may evolve a conscience

  9. Such a brilliant & thought provoking write!

  10. So very expressed it well! And the photo breaks my heart...

  11. heart breaking!!!

    much love...

  12. "So how have we come to be ruled
    By such heartless, bloody pricks?"

    This is a question that's raging in all our hearts and minds at the moment. How is it that cruel cold blooded politicians end up representing a populace that's kind and humane at large? You've expressed it so eloquently. I love the terse flow and rhythm of your crackling poem. Let's hope it reaches those politicians who need to hear it the most.

  13. Sad to say, the world has always been ruled this more heartbreak in a chain that extends to antiquity. This poem, and the question you pose, is a powerful expression against that reality. I hope others are listening.
    Steve K.

  14. So sad, and still so strange how that single image can change their mind.. As if it didn't happen before.. And will happen again.

  15. Tears rolled at that stark image that will be forever on my eyes...and your words so sick of the bullshit they are spewing and that so many buy it still...the stench of it killing us and still we buy it.....when do we wake up! Fabulous poem....

  16. Nailed it. That photo seems to have wakened the world up from its refusal to see.....much like the photo of the little girl aflame in My Lai did. What a devastating world this is for children.

  17. Other than the death of this innocent refugee child, the really sad thing is that we elect cowardly "leaders" time and time again.

    At the Dead Man’s House

  18. what a strong poem.
    really drives the point home in terms of politicians, the government and the cruel way people treat each other.

  19. the photo of the dead child makes me cry. both in sadness and in happiness. sad a life has ended...happy a glorious life has begun.

  20. I love the line "men of straw and tin" it has so much weight.


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